YBI-20303 Orientation on Biology


Credits 3.00

Teaching methodContact hours
One day excursion6
Practical extensively supervised8
Course coordinator(s)ir. AJ Hoetmer
Lecturer(s)dr W. Backhuys
ir. AJ Hoetmer
dr. ir. AJM Debets
dr. PW de Jong
AC Botman
RMB Laurentzen
ing. A Teunissen MSc
ir. MJ de Bruijne
Examiner(s)ir. AJ Hoetmer

Language of instruction:



Students practice with giving an oral presentation about a biological subject. Students orientate themselves on the possibilities for their future studies and profession careers in the field of biology.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of Orientation on biology, the student:
- is able to orally present the results of own work to fellow students in a clear and appealing manner;
- should be able to make adequate choices for their individual study plan, by reflecting on personal skills and interests and orienting themselves on their future studies and career perspectives.


Students get a theoretical introduction about giving a presentation. In addition, they give several short oral presentations in order to improve their presentation skills. After these presentations they should reflect on their own performance, but also critically observe the presentation of their fellow students.
In order to orientate themselves on the possibilities during their studies and professional careers students attend lectures on these subjects. In addition, they visit several chair groups. Finally, students write a reflection paper about their study and career perspective.


Oral presentation about a biological subject for fellow students in biology. Reflection essay about presentation skills and study and career perspective.


Reader Orientation on Biology available at the WUR-shop.

Compulsory for: BBIBiologyBSc6MO