Biology (BBI) / BSc


The BSc programme Biology is primarily aimed at acquiring knowledge and understanding of the functioning and complexity of biological systems, at scales ranging from single molecules to whole ecosystems. The programme provides a multidisciplinary training to equip student with a broad range of theoretical and practical skills in order to reach a level of knowledge and understanding sufficient to start at the job market or enter and benefit from further training in subsequent master programmes in biology or related areas.

Learning Outcomes

After succesful completion of this BSc programme graduates are expected to:
- have advanced knowledge and understanding of the fundamental concepts and mechanisms in biology on the molecular, cellular, organism, population and ecosystem level;
- be able to recognize gaps in his knowledge and to review and acquire knowledge in response (under supervision);
- know how to use, evaluate and interpret common research techniques in the field of biology such as microscopy, dissection, determination of organisms, molecular biological techniques, safe microbiological techniques and modelling;
- be able to apply basic knowledge of physics, mathematics and chemistry and relate concepts at molecular, cell, organism, population and ecosystem level to solve biological problems (under supervision);
- be able to write and carry out a research plan in the field of biology (under supervision);
- be capable of doing experiments, collecting data and simulating data in the field of biology (under supervision);
- be capable to communicate, both written and orally, the outcomes of this research;
- be able to interpret biological texts, recognize different ways of reasoning and has a critical and constructive attitude with regard to the analysis and resolving of a biological problem;
- be able to work in a team, including the ability to make a planning and a distribution of tasks (under supervision);
- be aware of the societal and ethical aspects of biological research and is able to recognize and analyse these aspects in concrete situation.


- Cell and Molecular Biology;
- Organismal and Developmental Biology;
- Human and Animal Health Biology;
- Ecology and Biodiversity.

Programme Director

Ir M.V. Coppens
Phone: 0317-(4)82407

Study Adviser(s)

- Ir A.J. Hoetmer
Phone: 0317-(4)85223
- Dr P.W. de Jong
Phone: 0317-(4)82806

Programme Committee

Chair: Dr D. Vreugdenhil
Secretary: Ir M.V. Coppens


Study Association

B.V.W. Biologica
Membership 9 Euro a year
B.V.W. Biologica, Forum / Building 102; Droevendaalsesteeg 2, Wageningen

Unconditional Admission to the MSc

MAS Animal Sciences
MBF Bioinformatics
MBI Biology
MDR Development and Rural Innovation
MPB Plant Biotechnology
MPS Plant Sciences