LUP-22806 Spatial Planning Theory and Methodology


Credits 6.00

Teaching methodContact hours
One day excursion8
Course coordinator(s)dr. ir. R Beunen
Lecturer(s)G Kleinrensink
dr. ir. R Beunen
Examiner(s)dr. ir. R Beunen

Language of instruction:

Dutch and/or English


This course gives students a thorough introduction into the art of spatial planning. Students will learn what spatial planning is about and they will be introduced into the Dutch context of spatial planning. The course pays attention to the role of governmental organizations and to the different roles spatial planners play. The course includes a practical assignment during which the students will develop skills to make plans and to facilitate planning processes.
Reflection is another important aspect of the course. The students will have to reflect upon their personal action, thinking and attitude during the assignment. They will learn to reflect on the different tools and methods they used and they will have to elaborate on how the skills they have developed are useful in planning practices.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the course the students:
- has a basic understanding of central concepts of spatial planning;
- has a basic understanding of the context of spatial planning in the Netherlands;
- is able to make plans and to facilitate planning processes;
- is able to reflect on planning practices;
- is able to reflect on personal action and thinking;
- is able to work in a (multi or interdisciplinary) team.


Lectures, practical assignment, reflection on personal action, thinking and attitude, study of selected literature.


Evaluation on the basis of: written examination with open questions, a practical assignment and a personal essay about the reflection assignments.


Reader with selected items.

Compulsory for: BLPLandscape Architecture and PlanningBSc1AF
Restricted Optional for: MLPLandscape Architecture and PlanningMSc1AF
Compulsory for: WULAPBSc Minor Landscape Architecture and Planning1AF