BSc Minor Landscape Architecture and Planning (WULAP) / BSc


The BSc minor Landscape Architecture and Planning offers students from other disciplines an introduction to practices and theories of landscape architecture and spatial planning. Landscape Architecture and Planning focuses on the deliberate construction and reconstruction of the environment.

The BSc minor starts off with two introductory courses that will teach students what landscape architecture and spatial planning is both as a social practice and an academic discipline. Both courses explain which different roles landscape architects and spatial planners play in society and how these roles differ according to their historical and societal contexts. The courses identify the main characteristics of planning and design processes on diverse spatial scales and with different temporal horizons and analyze the consequences of alternative planning and design choices for different stakes in society.
In the Human Geography course (SAL-10306) students will learn more about the complex relationships between people and environment and how to recognize various theoretical approaches (behavioural, humanistic, marxist and postmodern) that study this relationship.

By choosing LAR-32306 or LUP-32806 students will deepen their knowledge in either Landscape Architecture or Spatial Planning. These courses elaborate in a more fundamental way on the theoretical and methodological foundations of design and planning theory and challenge students to make international comparisons and discuss the latest advances in academic literature. Through a combination of lectures, assignments and excursions students will learn to reflect on design and planning practices and their personal action and thinking.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this minor students are expected to be able to:
- understand the complex relationship between people and environment;
- categorize theories on landscape architecture and spatial planning;
- identify characteristics of design and planning processes in the Netherlands and abroad;
- understand how design and planning processes are related to their socio-cultural, economic and environmental context;
- reflect on design and planning practices, procedures and products.

BSc Minor Coordinator

Ir J.PA. van Nieuwenhuize
Phone: 0317-(4)83474

Target Group

This minor is interesting for a broad group of students from both the life sciences and the social sciences.

Components of the BSc Minor