LDD-10306 Land Degradation and Soil and Water Conservation


Credits 6.00

Teaching methodContact hours
More days excursion40
Practical extensively supervised12
Practical intensively supervised28
Course coordinator(s)dr. SM Visser
EC Slingerland
Lecturer(s)prof. dr. ir. L Stroosnijder
dr. SM Visser
dr. ir. CA Kessler
PD Peters
Examiner(s)dr. SM Visser

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Continuation courses:

LDD-20306 Land and Water Engineering; IWE-21312 Design in Land and Water Management 2


Land Degradation and Soil & Water Conservation (LDD-10306) is an introductory BSc-course which gives a general overview of this science field. Lecture topics are: (1) The most important land degradation processes, (2) Erosion factors, (3) Erosion types, (4) Erosion processes, (5) Erosion models, (6) Erosion measurements, (7) Erosion control and (8) Sustainable land management.
Practicals: Surveying and assessment techniques and erosion measurements will be hands-on practiced both in the field and in the laboratory. An excursion to an equipment factory and an erosion data collection site is also part of the practical.
Excursion to Tunisia or Morocco: During this 10-days excursion various national government institutes, erosion control and irrigation projects, research stations and farms will be visited. Non-BIL students get an alternative essay assignment.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of this course, the student is expected to be able to:
- master basic knowledge of a variety of land degradation processes, in particularly water and wind erosion processes;
- master the principles of soil and water conservation;
- quantify some forms of erosion with simple measurements in the laboratory and in the field;
- handle simple equipment used in the assessment of erosion processes;
- quantify some forms of erosion with simple wind and water erosion models;
- recognize erosion features in the field (Netherlands and Tunisia or Morocco);
- understand conflicting interests in soil and water conservation between various stakeholders.


Lectures, intensive practical and excursion to Tunisia or Morocco.


The final mark for the course LDD-10306 is a weighted average of the mark for the practical work (1/3) and the mark for the written exam (2/3). The marks for both components needs to be >5.5. Students will only receive their final mark after successful participation in the excursion or after handling in an alternative essay assignment.


Book: Soil Erosion & Conservation; Third Edition, 2005. Morgan, R.P.C. Longman (WUR-shop, Forum). Practical guide: Handed out during preparation meeting.
Excursion guide: Handed out during preparation meeting.

Compulsory for: BILInternational Land and Water ManagementBSc1AF
Compulsory for: WUILWBSc Minor International Land and Water Management1AF