International Land and Water Management (BIL) / BSc


The BSc programme International Land and Water Management focuses at the management of land and water resources in view of safeguarding sustainable agricultural production and equitable socio-economic development in different eco-regions in the world. The integration of natural and social sciences is key to understand land and water management issues.

Learning Outcomes

After succesful completion of this BSc programme graduates are expected to: - be able to identify and analyse - at a basic level and under supervision - the various problems at play with regard to the use, distribution and management of land and water resources in the world;
- be able to identify the various stakeholders and their interest in land and water in agriculture and rural development;
- be able to, together with relevant stakeholders, develop, design and propose alternatives and improvements at a technical, organisational or institutional level;
- have developed a problem oriented and interdisciplinary attitude.

Programme Director

Ir C.F. Heijmans
Phone: 0317-(4)82770
Email: or

Study Adviser(s)

- Ir B. Bruins
Phone: 0317-(4)83706
- Ir N. Post Uiterweer
Phone: 0317-(4)82916

Programme Committee

Chair: Dr S.M. Visser
Secretary: Dr ir F. Wester


Study Association

NITOCRA, contact through email

Unconditional Admission to the MSc

MDR Development and Rural Innovation
MCL Climate Studies
MGI Geo-information Science
MIL International Land and Water Management