YAS-10306 Introduction Animal Sciences


Credits 6.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Problem-based learning72
Course coordinator(s)TC Viets
Lecturer(s)dr. ir. CHAM Eilers
TC Viets
prof. dr. ir. B Kemp
dr. ir. RP Kwakkel
prof. dr. JAJ Verreth
prof. dr. ir. WH Hendriks
dr. ir. BJ Ducro
Examiner(s)dr. ir. CHAM Eilers

Language of instruction:



This course gives an orientation on animal production and is designed for first year students in Animal Sciences. To obtain basic knowledge about animal husbandry and animal production in the Netherlands and the world, students receive problem oriented education. Each week they work on a problem case in a specific area of the animal production. The cases range from the role of animal husbandry in word food production, sustainable egg production to the goals and structure of animal production in diverse systems in the world. During supporting lectures overviews are given on several animal production sectors, i.e. cattle production, pig production, horse keeping, aquaculture and fisheries, biological production, keeping of cats and dogs. To obtain knowledge about Dutch animal keeping practices farms or projects are visited in small groups.

Learning outcomes:

After this course the students will be able to:
- describe and understand the role of animal production in world food production;
- recognise and understand the structure and dilemmas of different animal production sectors: e.g. dairy, pigs, aquaculture and fisheries;
- write a report about an analysis of a Dutch farm or project;
- analyse a specific subject related to Dutch practices in which animals are kept, using literature, interviews and expert knowledge;
- present study results by creating and presenting a poster to a general audience.


Problem oriented groups, some supporting lectures. In a group of 5 students projects or farms are visited, the project or farm is analyzed and the data are presented in a report and with a poster presentation.


The final grade is based on a written exam and the assessment of your group work; i.e. poster presentation and report.


A study guide, hand-outs of lectures and a literature file (available in group rooms).

Compulsory for: BASAnimal SciencesBSc1AF
Compulsory for: WUANSBSc Minor Animal Sciences1AF