AEW-22806 Marine Systems


Credits 6.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Practical extensively supervised10
Project learning14
Field Practical24
Course coordinator(s)dr. RMM Roijackers
Lecturer(s)dr. RMM Roijackers
prof. dr. HJ Lindeboom
prof. dr. ir. PJH Reijnders
prof. dr. ir. JPM van Tatenhove
Examiner(s)dr. RMM Roijackers
prof. dr. ir. JPM van Tatenhove

Language of instruction:


Assumed knowledge on:

ENP-52806 Ocean and Coastal Governance, AFI-20306 Aquaculture and Fisheries

Continuation courses:

AFI-32806 Marine Resources Management, ENP-35806 Marine Environmental Quality and Governance


The lectures deal with the principles of (marine) ecology and the governance of marine systems. The core element of the course is a case study, done by groups of four students and dealing with prominent issues in the management of marine systems all over the world. Important aspects to consider are nature, fisheries, recreation, urbanisation, transport and energy. The course includes training of academic and communication skills. Part of the course is a boat trip on the North Sea and the Wadden Sea with limited capacity. As this course serves as an entrance course for the MSc Aquaculture and Fisheries, students of this programme are given priority.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the course students are expected to be able to:
- demonstrate insight in the principles of marine and coastal ecosystems, including:
- the principal physical, chemical, biological processes,
- the functioning of marine systems and their response to changes,
- the economic, social and political forces affecting marine systems;
- integrate and apply obtained knowledge by analysing a particular marine issue;
- present the analysis in an abstract or poster;
- discuss a scientific concept in their role as a critical scientist;
- apply academic and communicative skills and experience what skills should be improved.


Attending lectures, active participation in a group assignment and field work, report writing and presentation of a poster.


The final mark of this course will be based on the case study (group mark), individual performance and the examination (both multiple choice and open questions).


A reader will be available.
P.R. Pinet: Invitation to Oceanography.

Compulsory for: MAMAquaculture and Marine Resource ManagementMSc1AF