ZSS-06100 Laboratory Safety


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Course coordinator(s)dr.ir. SGJA Moling

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NL and/or EN


In this course you'll be introduced to working safe in the laboratories of WUR and cover a range of topics for working in our biological and chemical laboratories:

- working with hazardous substances, including waste handling;

- working with biological substances including genetically modified organisms and quarantine organisms;

- working with infectious agents and human blood;

- working in specialized laboraties.


- e-learning;
- classroom lecture.


To pass this course complete all e-learning modules and visit the safety lecture.

Verplicht voor: BBIBiologyBSc1WD
BSWSoil, Water, AtmosphereBSc1WD
BBNForest and Nature ConservationBSc1WD
BASAnimal SciencesBSc1WD
BLPLandscape Architecture and PlanningBSc1WD
BILInternational Land and Water ManagementBSc1WD
BFTFood TechnologyBSc1WD
BESEnvironmental SciencesBSc1WD
BMLMolecular Life SciencesBSc1WD
BPWPlant SciencesBSc1WD
BATBiosystems EngineeringBSc1WD
BVGNutrition and HealthBSc1WD
MBIBiologyMSc1WD, 4WD
MOAOrganic AgricultureMSc1WD
MBTBiotechnologyMSc1WD, 4WD
MEEEarth and EnvironmentMSc1WD
MASAnimal SciencesMSc1WD
MFTFood TechnologyMSc1WD, 4WD
MESEnvironmental SciencesMScC: Spec. C - Environmental Technology1WD, 4WD
MESEnvironmental SciencesMScA: Spec. A - Environmental Quality1WD, 4WD
MMLMolecular Life SciencesMSc1WD, 4WD
MPSPlant SciencesMSc1WD, 4WD
MPBPlant BiotechnologyMSc1WD
MBEBiosystems EngineeringMSc1WD, 4WD
MNHNutrition and HealthMSc1WD
MCLClimate StudiesMScC: Spec. C - Ecological and Agroecological Systems1WD
MCLClimate StudiesMScA: Spec. A - The Physical Climate System1WD
MCLClimate StudiesMScB: Spec. B - Biogeochemical Cycles1WD
MFQFood Quality ManagementMSc1WD
MAMAquaculture and Marine Resource ManagementMSc1WD
MBSBiobased SciencesMSc1WD
MOADDSpec. Agroecology DDMSc1WD
Keuze voor: BGMHealth and SocietyBSc4WD