YNH-10302 Basic Skills for BVG-students


Studiepunten 2.00

Independent study0
Course coordinator(s)dr. A Jager
Lecturer(s)ir. MA Zijp
VAM Toebes
MJ van Harmelen
Examiner(s)dr. LM Kamminga
ir. MA Zijp

Language of instruction:



This course allows students to develop specific academic skills:
- information literacy: getting familiar with the information resources of the field of nutrition, both university library network resources and specific internet sites and portals;
- general computer skills/Computer literacy including a.o. Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- use information sources that can be accessed via the library network to find, judge and manage information and knowledge efficiently and effectively;
- apply general computer skills.


The course starts with a starting lecture.
Both the information literacy and the computer skills are taught using e-learning.
For the information literacy training, the results from the e-modules will be discussed in tutorials which have mandatory attendance.
Included in the course is a visit to the WUR-library


The exam consists of two separate examinations:
- a computer-based exam on information literacy (50%);
- a computer-based exam on computer skills (50%).
Each of the exams should be completed successfully (at least 5.5).
The library assignment should be successfully completed and handed in.
The marks of the separate examinations above 5.5 will remain valid for a period of three academic years.


Materials, documentation and tasks will be provided through the online learning environment.

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