YMS-80330 MSc Thesis Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering


Studiepunten 30.00

Course coordinator(s)dr.ir. A Zegwaard
drs. Toine Andernach (TUD)

Language of instruction:


Mandatory knowledge:

To be determined by the chair group; max 12 ECTS of prerequisite courses for the thesis is allowed


The MSc thesis enables the student to put their acquired knowledge and skills into practice by individually and independently conducting a research project in the field of the programme.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this thesis students are expected to be able to:

- Define research

  1. Define a problem setting/field/situation and research/design question which are theoretically framed, approached in an interdisciplinary and/ or transdisciplinary way, and require the integration of relevant cross-over knowledge and data responding to metropolitan challenges.

- Execute research

  1. Set-up, plan and manage a process that leads to the successful and in time defence of the thesis.
  2. Build a sound theoretical and methodological framework. Collect data in a systematic and verifiable manner and analyse it critically. Methodologically apply academically grounded theoretical approaches and/or models, analyses and interpretations.
  3. Take initiative, work independently, propose new ideas and take action in case of setbacks.

- Conclude, discuss and reflect

  1. Draw conclusions, discuss and reflect upon the cross-disciplinary character of the thesis, the relevance for a metropolitan area and its contribution to scientific debates.

- Present research

  1. Present (the status of) their thesis in different phases of the process to different audiences, both written and orally, reflect on feedback and process suggestions for improvement.


- research proposal/planning: the student should prepare by reading literature related to the project, formulating research question/hypothesis and proposing approaches and methods;
- carrying out the research project: the student should execute research activities and document findings and sources carefully;
- feedback: the student should deal with feedback from students and staff on proposal, research results and report and provide other students with feedback;
- report: the research should result in a comprehensive, consistent and concise report. In principle the report should contain all the elements of a full scientific paper in the discipline of the chair group;
- colloquium: the student is required to present major research findings to other MSc students and staff members of the chair group;
- oral examination: the final oral examination is a discussion with the examiner a second reviewer and in some cases, a supervisor outside the chair group.


For the assessment, reviewers/examiners use the MSc Thesis Assessment Form. The average grade for each category (research competence, thesis report, colloquium, examination) should be at least 5.5 for a pass.

Verplicht voor: MMDMetropolitan Analysis, Design & Engineering (JD 2020)MSc1,2,3,4,5,6