YMS-31903 Entrepreneurial Skills


Studiepunten 3.00

Group work3
Excursion (one day)8
Course coordinator(s)dr. LJL Ploum
Lecturer(s)dr. LJL Ploum
Examiner(s)dr. ing. V. Scholten (TUD)
prof. dr. PJ den Brok

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Assumed knowledge on:

YMS-31803 Entrepreneurial Thinking


This course is directly connected to a real-life metropolitan challenge. Based on this challenge, you will develop a solution that addresses the challenge and work on the development of this solution with the help of several entrepreneurship tools. These tools (business model canvas, value proposition canvas, partnership design) will be discussed during the lectures and help you strengthen your ides. Questions to be answered are: What is the value of their idea? Is the solution/plan feasible? Which stakeholders are involved and what are their needs, desires and conditions? What is the socio-spatial impact of the solution? Is the solution sustainable?

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- understand how entrepreneurial ideas in a metropolitan context are shaped and what influences the development of them into business opportunities;
- validate an entrepreneurial idea and related business model;
- apply visual business design tools in your own project;
- provide process guidance to your peers;
- reflect on your personal experience in entrepreneurial projects to further explore the added value of an entrepreneurial mind-set in various possible career paths;
- give an appealing pitch to relevant stakeholders.


During the course, several learning activities will take place, all contributing to your development as a professional.
- masterclasses;
- group work;
- interviews with informants, users and customers;
- site visits to university-based incubators;
- progress meetings/coaching session with relevant stakeholders and experts;
- final presentation session.


The assessment contains a group entrepreneurial pitch (20%) and a group report which consists of a 2-pager (20%) and a background document (40%). All components of the examination should be marked with a minimum grade of 5.5. 


Literature will be provided in Brightspace.

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