YMS-31303 Metropolitan Data 1


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Course coordinator(s)J (Julian) Urbano (TU Delft)
Lecturer(s)J (Julian) Urbano (TU Delft)
Examiner(s)J (Julian) Urbano (TU Delft)

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YMS-31403 Metropolitan Data 2


Please note that this course is offered at the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions in Amsterdam. Students who are not studying the master MADE but who would like to participate in this course should contact the course coordinator prior to registration.

Data-driven Metropolitan analysis and design activities require a diverse set of skills ranging from data collection to data processing and data exploration. In this course, we focus on human-generated urban data (such as those generated from social Web feeds or by social sensors), explore their biases and limitations and describe approaches to extracting information and knowledge from data through crowdsourcing and human computation. As these new sources often produce massive amounts of urban data, in the second part of the course we explore big data technologies (such as Spark) to process these data sources in near real-time. How to automatically find patterns in such large-scale data sources is the topic of the last part of this course; here a number of fundamental machine learning algorithms are taught.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- understand the main concepts of Data-driven Metropolitan Big Data Analysis;
- apply concepts of data collection, processing, exploration and analysis in the context of a living lab study.


- lectures;
- computer practical & tutorial;
- individual assignment.


To be announced.

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