YHP-31803 BSc Honours Personal Development


Studiepunten 3.00

Individual Paper12
Independent study0
Course coordinator(s)A Hendriksen PhD
M Jaartsveld
Lecturer(s)A Hendriksen PhD
Examiner(s)A Hendriksen PhD
prof. dr. E Hoffland

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Mandatory knowledge:

YHP11303, YHP11802


Only students participating in the BSc Honours Programme can enrol in this programme element. It consists of two components: Personal development (1 EC) and Honours Leadership Track (2 EC).
Personal development: The learning goal is to show a purposefully self-directed personal development. A personal tutor helps the student to pass the reflective learning cycle in the context of the honours programme. Binding instructions on how to write reflection papers, as part of this cycle, are available on the blackboard site of the Honours Programme.
Honours Leadership Track: The learning goal is to develop an authentic leadership style. Progress is assessed by the honours staff (based on active participation) and the tutor (based on a reflection report). Presence during the course contact hours is compulsory.


Individual assessment.

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