YHP-31312 BSc Honours Deepening


Studiepunten 12.00

Individual Paper0
Course coordinator(s)A Hendriksen PhD
M Jaartsveld
Lecturer(s)A Hendriksen PhD
Examiner(s)A Hendriksen PhD

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Mandatory knowledge:

YHP-11303, YHP-11802


Only students participating in the BSc Honours Programme can enrol in this programme element. It consists of two components: Honours Cards (6-8 EC) and the extension of the regular BSc thesis (4 EC).
Honours Cards: Students select four courses from their regular BSc study programme. Within each of these courses they define an extra complex 2 EC-assignment together with the course teacher. The learning outcome of this extra assignment is in the cognitive domain (knowledge).
Extension of the regular BSc thesis: An tailor-made extra learning outcome (relative to the student’s regular BSc study programme’s BSc thesis) is defined by student and thesis supervisor.
Binding instructions for both components are available on the blackboard site of the Honours Programme.


Individual assessment.

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