YHP-23810 BSc Honours Broadening


Studiepunten 10.00

Group work80
Course coordinator(s)A Hendriksen PhD
M Jaartsveld
Lecturer(s)A Hendriksen PhD
Examiner(s)A Hendriksen PhD
prof. dr. E Hoffland

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Mandatory knowledge:

YHP-11303, YHP-11802


Only students participating in the BSc Honours Programme can enrol in this programme element. It consists of two components: The Honours Investigation Project (HIP) and “Activities”.
The HIP (9 credits) is the backbone of the BSc Honours Programme. Students produce in interdisciplinary teams of 5-6 a self-defined product under a theme related to the mission of Wageningen University. Students should demonstrate their competences to define, persist and finish a long term, self-managed group project and integrate their disciplinary knowledge in a challenging, multidisciplinary research project. Teams and their learning processes (through peer consultation) are facilitated by an expert coach.
“Activities” (1-3 credits) are student-organised events addressing a self-chosen theme or skill, to be approved by the Programme Director. Every student should co-organise at least one Activity.


Individual assessment.

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