YHP-11802 Kick-off BSc Honours Programme@Texel


Studiepunten 2.00

Excursion (multiple days)48
Course coordinator(s)A Hendriksen PhD
M Jaartsveld
Lecturer(s)A Hendriksen PhD
prof. dr. E Hoffland
Examiner(s)A Hendriksen PhD
prof. dr. E Hoffland

Language of instruction:


Mandatory knowledge:

YHP-11303 Orientation Course BSc Honours Programme

Continuation courses:

BSc Honours Programme.


This kick-off is only for students who have successfully completed the Orientation Course YHP-11303 and have been selected to continue with the BSc Honours Programme. Students spend the last week before the start of the academic year away from Wageningen. This week is the start of the Honours Investigation Project, the personal development component of the BSc Honours Programme and is meant for team-building. Presence and active participation during the entire week is compulsory.

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