XTO-15306 Economics & Tourism

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Studiepunten 6.00

Individual Paper1
Group work3
Independent study0
Course coordinator(s)drs. JFB Philipsen
Lecturer(s)dr J Klijs (NHTV)
dr PC Piket (NHTV)
Examiner(s)dr. J. Klijs (BUas)

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Note: This course is part of the BSc Tourism, a joint degree programme of Wageningen University and Breda University of Applied Sciences. This course is open to students from other programmes. The course is not delivered at Wageningen University, however, but at Breda University of Applied Sciences. You can register for the course by contacting the course coordinator before the start of the course. The schedule for the academic year at Breda University of Applied Sciences differs from the schedule of Wageningen University. The periods mentioned are the periods of Wageningen University.

This course provides a basic understanding of general micro - and macro- economic principles. The course focuses on both consumer and producer decision-making. Concepts and theories will be applied to examples of leisure and tourism.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- know and understand micro-economic concepts and theories of consumer behaviour, such as demand functions, elasticities, utility maximisation, and consumer surplus;
- know and understand micro-economic concepts and theories of producer behaviour, such as supply functions, pricing, cost theory and production functions;
- know and understand micro / macro-economic concepts and theories such as market forms, externalities, labour markets, public sector production and regulation, gross domestic product, prices levels and inflation, wages and unemployment and the Keynesian model;
- know and understand vital concepts and choices related to economic impact analyses in tourism and leisure;
- acquire a preliminary insight into the working of the Input- Output model and its usage for economic impact analyses in tourism and leisure;
- apply all the above mentioned concepts and theories to (both real- life and simplified) 'Problems' in tourism and leisure;
- critically review selected articles on the economics of tourism and/or leisure, and support his/her opinion using the economics concepts and theories;

- explain a personal viewpoint supported by arguments using an appropriate structure of argumentation and attuned to a specific audience.


- lectures;
- tutorials;
- individual Paper.


- written examination with open questions (70%);
- individual paper (20%).


McDowell, Moore; Rodney, Thom; Ivan Pastine Ivan; Frank obert H.; [et.al]. (most recent edition). Principles of Economics. McGraw Hill Higher Education, 864 p. ISBN 9780077121693.

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