XTO-14306 National Field Project


Studiepunten 6.00

Group work6
Course coordinator(s)drs. JFB Philipsen
Lecturer(s)Dr O. Mitas (BUas)
Drs. C. Van Bendegom (BUas)
Dr M. Bastiaansen (BUas)
Drs. S. Straatman (BUas)
Examiner(s)Dr M. Bastiaansen (BUas)
Dr O. Mitas (BUas)

Language of instruction:


Assumed knowledge on:

MAT-15806 Research Methods 1


In small groups, students carry out a quantitative research assignment. Students study the behavior of a tourism segment within real world contexts. Students are allocated a pre-determined research subject. The focus on a specific aspect of tourism behavior is based on the current research agendas of the lecturing staff involved, (e.g. media use, spending patterns, overtourism, wellbeing etc.).

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
-  apply the concept of testing hypothesis;

- collect, appraise and display quantitative data;
- understand the design of questionnaires;

- use descriptive statistics for a variety of research objectives;
- perform data analysis using SPSS for the topics covered in the SMA course;
- interpret results of statistical analyses in clear, grammatically correct written English;
- conduct ethical quantitative research;

- present the outcomes and conclusions in an honest and incorruptible way;
- orally express in correct English scientific views and research results to members of a scientific community;
- work in a group adopting a project based approach.


Lectures in which the research aim, the project delineation, the core concepts & theories, and the relevant research techniques are addressed.
Tutorials on how to formulate research questions & hypothesis, on how to develop conceptual frameworks, and on how to write a methods section.
Computer practicums to assist you with data processing and analysis in SPSS.
Consultancy sessions to answer questions and provide feedback.


The assessment consists of the following two deliverables:
- Research Paper: 75% of total mark (group mark);
- Oral Defence: 25% of total mark (individual mark);


- Adler, E.S., R (2015). An invitation to social research: how it's done, 5th edition. Cengage Learning Services. ISBN: 9781285746425
- Field, A. (2017). Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS statistics., 5th edition. Sage. ISBN: 9781526419521

Verplicht voor: BTOTourism (joint degree)BSc5WD+6WD