SGL-50806 Essay Soil Geography and Landscape


Studiepunten 6.00

Language of instruction:


Assumed knowledge on:



Students with a specific interest in a particular topic are encouraged to contact Soil Geography and Landscape staff working in that particular field of research. Jointly they can agree that the student will write an essay on that topic that includes a literature study and possibly some specific data analysis.

Learning outcomes:

After completion of this course the student is expected to be able to:

- survey, apply and integrate relevant knowledge regarding a current topic in the field of Soil Geography and Landscape;

- perform literature search on his/her own authority;

- plan various activities within the assignment;

- write an essay;

- have in-depth insight in a current topic in the field of Soil Geography and Landscape.


Individual planning and writing of a written report based on independently performed literature search.


The examination is based on the essay written by the student following a standard evaluation form.


Study guide.