PHP-21303 Fundamentals of Plant Pathology and Entomology


Studiepunten 3.00

Independent study0
Course coordinator(s)dr. ir. A Schouten
Lecturer(s)dr. ir. GHJ Kema
dr. ir. A Schouten
dr. G Smant
prof. dr. ir. JJA van Loon
dr. ir. JWM van Lent
Examiner(s)dr. ir. A Schouten

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Mandatory knowledge:

ZSS06100 Laboratory Safety


This course is introductory to plant pathology and entomology in a broad sense. Through lectures, practical training and internet modules students will become familiar with these scientific domains. The various subjects will be illustrated with examples from current practice in plant pathology and entomology. The focus in this course will be on insight into the biology and population dynamics of plant pathogens and insects.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- understand the biology of plant-pathogenic viruses, bacteria, fungi, oomycetes and nematodes, and plant-feeding insects;
- understand the morphology, classification, reproduction, mode of dispersal, growth and development of the various pathogens and pest organisms;
- understand the life cycles of plant-pathogenic viruses, bacteria, fungi, oomycetes, nematodes and arthropod pests in relation to their interaction with host plant(s);
- judge potential positive and negative effects of disease and pest control measures;
- recognize disease symptoms and to assign the causal agent on plants, based on macroscopic and microscopic observations;
- understand the most important diseases and pests in crops;
- show insight in the genetics of the interaction of plants with pathogens, more specifically the gene-for-gene concept;
- show insight in pathogen and pest population management.


- lectures;
- practical training;
- internet modules.


The examination is based on a multiple choice exam and performance in and reporting on the practical training.


Text and Power Point presentations will be provided in Learning environment@WUR.

Verplicht voor: BPWPlant SciencesBSc1MO
Keuze voor: MPSPlant SciencesMScE: Spec. E - Plant Pathology and Entomology1MO
MPBPlant BiotechnologyMScC: Spec. C - Molecular Plant Breeding and Pathology1MO
Keuze voor: WUPBTBSc Minor Plant Biotechnology1MO