MAQ-11809 Integration Course Soil, Water, Atmosphere

Vak code vorig jaar: (SGL-10309)


Studiepunten 9.00

Field practical45
Group work9
Excursion (one day)36
Course coordinator(s)dr. ir. MK van der Molen
Lecturer(s)prof. dr. ir. SEATM van der Zee
dr. ir. CR Stoof
R Dijksma
SM Zijlstra MSc
dr. ir. MK van der Molen
dr. ir. ETHM Peeters
dr. GF Koopmans
dr. RGM de Goede
dr. ing. BG Heusinkveld
dr. N Woldman
dr. VF Bense
G Bongiorno
dr. A Larsen
Examiner(s)dr. ir. MK van der Molen

Language of instruction:


Mandatory knowledge:

ZSS06100 Laboratory Safety and ZSS06200 Fieldwork Safety

Assumed knowledge on:

Courses in the first year BSc Soil, Water, Atmosphere (e.g. Introduction Soil, Water, Atmosphere, Introduction to Soil Geography, Water 1 & 2, Introduction Atmosphere, Introduction to Soil Chemical and Biological Processes, Ecology)


Soil, Water, Atmosphere is an interdisciplinary study programme. The first year started with Introduction SWA, after which you learned about Soil Geography, Water, Atmosphere, Ecology, supported by physics, chemistry, mathematics and statistics. In the Integration Course SWA the knowledge you acquired in the first year will converge in a project study. In this study you will describe the effects of transforming the functions of a piece of land. This will reveal that many physical processes are indeed linked via the integrated cycles of energy, carbon, nutrients and water.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- explain and describe in the interactions and the coherence between the three compartments of the abiotic environment: soil, water and atmosphere (BWA);
- apply a wide range of research techniques as used in the BWA disciplines;
- analyse an integrated and multi-disciplinary BWA problem. All facets of such a research experience must have been tackled: writing a research proposal, select the appropriate research methodology, carry out the research work, write a research report and give an oral presentation;
- describe the societal aspects of agricultural, nature conservational or environmental problems in the study area around Wageningen.


- The course starts with a series of Basic and Integration skills (practicals in the field, lab and PC rooms), where you will learn the practical approach to the theory you already mastered.
- After this, the course continues with a project study, where you will work with a number of students to measure and model the interactions and write down the results in your report.
- You will present your results supported with a poster during the final excursion.
- The course also contains four full day excursions (Start excursion by bike, West-Netherlands excursion by bus, Mariapeel excursion by bus and the final excursion by bus).


Project Report: 1) Introduction and Research Questions 2) Factsheets 3) Discussion and Conclusions;
Presentation of project results.
Participation in Basic and Integration Skills is mandatory as it prepares for the project phase. Participation in the group work in the project phase is mandatory.


Reader can be obtained a week before the start of the course at the WUR-shop.

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