LAR-39306 Master Studio Park Design: a Narrative Approach


Studiepunten 6.00

Group work3
Excursion (multiple days)28
Course coordinator(s)dr. ir. R van Etteger
SH Brandsma
prof. AH Geuze
Lecturer(s)prof. AH Geuze
SH Brandsma

Language of instruction:


Assumed knowledge on:

BSc degree in landscape architecture or compatible.


The subject of this studio will be the design of a park, an estate or a public space. This studio will focus on the design of these within the real urban context by using systematic context research, a 'narrative' and the decorative traditions in design. The students will undertake a site survey and analyse the site and context in sub- groups, partly with the help of experts. Students conduct precedent study on similar design assignments to develop their knowledge about different design traditions. Each student will develop a design concept. This is followed up by creating related design alternatives that show how they address the different issues in an attractive and comprehensive way. The designs are represented in drawings, diagrams, scale models, 3D artist impressions and/or other media. In a cyclic design study, the designs will be tested against various criteria. These are (depending on the site and respective assignment): 'fitting' into the natural and urban spatial context, response to the history of the site, functionality, addressing different user groups (with their different culture, age and gender issues), compliance with the concept and others. From this study the most convincing design and its 'narrative' will be deduced and cast into a final design proposal that is presented to the group and the 'commissioners' or stakeholders.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- investigate a wide diversity of international, visual and textual sources to define the cultural interpretations of a medium-sized study area;
- develop an architectural diagram/model for a medium-sized study area that complies with a specific design brief and a distinctive narrative;
- elaborate the diagram/model into detailed designs on several interrelated scales;
- justify the design products in an individual presentation;
- reflect on development of personal competence with respect to narrative design.


- lectures;
- context analysis and research in groups;
- Studio work with design;
- precedent studies;
- verbal midterm and final presentations;
- writing short 'abstracts';
- reflection discussions;
- national or international excursion.


The examination is based on the following studio products: analyses, an interim presentation of the design alternatives, the final presentation and abstracts with the 'narratives'.
- analyses, research, reflections (10%);
- design concept (15%);
- park designs (including interim results) at different scale levels (65%);
- presentations, abstracts and posters (10%).


To be determined according to studio case.

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