HNH-22402 European Study trip


Studiepunten 2.00

Excursion (multiple days)56
Course coordinator(s)EM Brouwer-Brolsma
E Siebelink
Lecturer(s)E Siebelink
EM Brouwer-Brolsma
Examiner(s)EM Brouwer-Brolsma

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Assumed knowledge on:

B1 and B2 courses of the BSc Nutrition and Health programme.


Note: This course has a maximum number of participants.The deadline for registration is one week earlier than usual. See Academic Year: Registration for Courses.
Every year a 7 day European Study trip will be organised by students and staff. At least one, but in often 2 or 3, European countries will be scheduled in the excursion programme and visits may be planned to universities, nutrition and health research institutions, food and nutrition industries, non-governmental organisations (ngo's) and other organisations active in the field of nutrition and health.

Registration is only open for students registered in the BVG or MNH programme. The number of participants is limited to 28 and priority will be given to BVG students.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to:
- have shown progress towards his/her own formulated learning outcomes;
- have a better understanding of the activities and structure of the organisations that were visited during the trip;
- have deepened knowledge on one of the institutes that was visited, by preparing and reporting on the visit;
- be able to identify differences and similarities in nutritional issues between The Netherlands and the visited country, e.g. activities of organisations, nutritional inadequacies, health policies, nutritional guidelines, education of nutritionists.


- contribute to group assignment (preparation and reporting), focus on the visited institutes;
- make individual assignment (preparation and reporting), focus on own formulated learning outcomes;
- actively participating in the study trip.


- individual and group report.
- the course will be marked as testimonium.

Keuze voor: BVGNutrition and HealthBSc3WD