GEO-80818 BSc Thesis Tourism


Studiepunten 18.00

Course coordinator(s)EA Adu-Ampong
dr. A Pellis

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Before starting the BSc Thesis Tourism, students should have successfully completed at least all first-year courses, MAT-25806 Research Methods 2 and XTO-24312 International Field Practicum. Furthermore, a positive recommendation from the study adviser is required.


This course is part of the BSc Tourism, a joint degree programme of Wageningen University and Breda University of Applied Sciences. This course is open to students from other programmes. You can register for the course by contacting the course coordinator before the start of the course.
The BSc Tourism thesis is an individual project in which various academic research skills are applied to a specific field, resulting in a paper ('thesis report' ) and presentation, after which the BSc Tourism study program is completed. In the BSc Tourism thesis, students must demonstrate that they master the bachelor competencies to a satisfactory level and that they can independently apply obtained knowledge and skills to a chosen assignment. Successful completion of the bachelor thesis indicates that students are ready to enter a master's program.

Learning outcomes:

A BSc thesis is a written report on a scientific topic that is within the domain of the study program and is produced through independent research.
After successful completion of this BSc thesis students are expected to independently be able to:
- formulate individual learning goals based on personal reflection on their own knowledge, skills, attitude and functioning, and incorporate these learning goals in a research project proposal;
- perform a literature search and literature study;
- survey, apply and integrate relevant academic knowledge regarding a current issue in the field of tourism;
- formulate a research project proposal (including theoretical background, problem definition, methodological design and project planning) under supervision and with the use of feedback;
- plan and carry out research based on the knowledge and skills which are acquired in the BSc program;
- plan and carry out independent research work, under supervision and appropriate to the BSc level, within the designated timeframe;
- write and present a BSc-level academic thesis report - with the use of feedback- in a way that clearly, understandably and systematically describes the methods, findings and analysed results of the research project;
- defend and reflect upon the research project and its results as well as upon personal action and thinking throughout the thesis process in writing and orally.


The course consists of the following parts:
- formulate objectives and preferences with respect to the Bsc thesis project;
- conduct an independent literature search and literature study;
- formulate a research project proposal with the support of the supervisor;
- conduct the research according to the proposal and within the designated timeframe;
- discuss and analyse the research findings in a written thesis report;
- present and discuss the research in a public oral presentation;
- defend and reflect upon the research process, theory, methods and results as well as upon personal actions and thought processes.


The program uses a standard evaluation form for the assessment of the bachelor thesis. Criteria for the assessment are: the ability to execute a research project (40% of the final mark), the ability to write a research report (40% of the final mark), the ability to deliver an oral presentation of the research (10% of the final mark), the ability to defend the thesis orally (10% of the final mark). The thesis work is always graded by two assessors: the supervisor and a second examiner. Both assessors are present during the thesis presentation and defence. The second examiner is not personally involved in the thesis supervision and ensures the reliability of the assessment. In some cases, the coordinator of the BSc Tourism thesis will be involved in the assessment as well.

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