FNP-24306 Governance for Forest, Nature and Biodiversity


Studiepunten 6.00

Individual Paper1
Course coordinator(s)dr. B Verschuuren
Lecturer(s)dr. JH Behagel
dr. B Verschuuren
Examiner(s)dr. JH Behagel

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Assumed knowledge on:

FNP-11806 Forest, Nature, Society.


Governance of forest, nature and biodiversity implies that all actors in society, including government, business, and civil society have a role in conservation. It also implies a changed role of the state and new methods of steering. This course discusses the theory and practice of governance of forest, nature, and biodiversity. Key aspects of governance are discussed, including decentralization, participation, and the use of monitoring and reporting. Theoretical concepts on institutions, actors, and the role of knowledge in governance are illustrated with practical examples from international, European, national, and regional governance of forest, nature, and biodiversity.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- understand the concept of governance and key concepts in governance literature;
- explain practices of forest, nature and biodiversity governance by highlighting their different aspects;
- compare different practices of governance across various scales (international, national, local) and localities;
- debate different approaches to governance in terms of institutions, actors, and the role of knowledge.


- writing an individual essay;
- class presentation;
- following lectures on theoretical concepts and key topics in the governance of forest, nature and/or biodiversity;
- three short individual assignments on literature;
- participation in individual and group work in the classroom;
- participation in a simulation exercise.


The examination has two elements that are graded: a written essay assignment and a written examination. Each counts for 50% of the final grade. Both elements of the examination should be passed with a minimum grade of 5.5 to successfully complete the course. In addition, additional individual assignments and active participation in practicals and tutorials of the course are mandatory requirements to pass the course. These small assignments and active participation are required but not graded.


Literature will be made available through MyPortal and/or the WUR library

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Verplicht voor: WUPPNBSc Minor Policies, People and Nature Conservation3WD