ENP-22803 Theories and Themes: Sociology


Studiepunten 3.00

Individual Paper0
Course coordinator(s)dr. S Kloppenburg
Lecturer(s)dr. S Kloppenburg
MSc EPM Mangnus
dr. ir. PJM Oosterveer
Examiner(s)dr. ir. PJM Oosterveer

Language of instruction:

NL and/or EN

Assumed knowledge on:

RSO-10306 Sociology.

Continuation courses:

SDC-30306 Sociological and Anthropological Perspectives on Development; RSO-21306 Political Sociology for Development; ENP-31806 Globalization and Sustainability of Food Production and Consumption.


This course offers an introduction to the major theories and themes in sociology. Students not only get insight in the work of major contemporary sociologists, but also learn to relate sociological thought to current trends and issues in modern, globalizing society. As such, the course provides a theoretical background for advanced courses in sociology and helps prepare for BSc- and MSc-thesis work.
Next to the introductory lectures on the life and works of a large number of important (contemporary) sociologists, there will be organized three prepared, interactive group discussions (on Collins, Alexander and Castells). Students will hand in a short review-paper of the text to be discussed at the meeting. This short review-paper (3-4 pages A4) will provide a summary of the text, a review positioning the text and the author within the broader field of sociology/social sciences, and a statement/question as a contribution to the prepared group discussion. Students have to deliver three short review-papers in total before being able to enter the written exam. The short review papers will be graded.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- recognize and assess the works of major contemporary sociologists. They will be able to connect authors and their works to key themes and topics in the history of the field;
- understand and actively reproduce key themes and major contents of recent debates in sociology and are able to identify the place of contemporary sociologists in these debates.


- attendance of lectures;
- participation in group discussions;
- preparation of summaries and short reviews of articles and formulation of discussion statements.


- 3 review papers (30%);
- written exam with open and multiple choice questions (70%).
The written exam requires a minimum of 5.50 to pass the course.


See course guide.

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