ELS-65600 Scientific Writing Skills


Studiepunten 1.50

Individual Paper1
Independent study0
Course coordinator(s)dr. CF Barrett
Lecturer(s)dr. CF Barrett
Examiner(s)dr. CF Barrett

Language of instruction:



This course provides a general overview and some theoretical background on various aspects of academic writing, including: 1) text structure and parts, 2) international standards for illustrations and referencing, and 3) use of the English language for increased readability. During three weekly interactive classes, a combination of theoretical background and examples will be discussed. Students will then prepare and submit a written report to meet the scientific standards discussed in the lectures. Comments and feedback on the submitted reports are then given by the instructor.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- incorporate the components of a scientific research report (cover, title, abstract, table of contents, introduction, methods, results, conclusions, references, tables/graphs, appendices, etc.) in their writing;
- appreciate the importance of communicating clearly in writing as an academic scientist; and
- apply the rules of scientific writing to their subsequent research reports.


The class meets three times, with each session focusing on a different aspect of the scientific writing process, including:
- an introduction to scientific writing and the writing process, including a detailed look at report structure (the writing process, format, etc.) and parts (abstract, introduction, tables and graphs, etc.);
- referencing (outlining of the main systems and how/when to use references) and the use of tables and graphs; and
- the use of clear language for effective communication. 
Students are expected to submit a final written assignment (report).


Students will be assessed on the quality of their final report. Active participation during the classes (attendance) is a prerequisite for passing.


Handouts will be available via Brightspace.