ELS-52206 Orientation on the Teaching Profession


Studiepunten 6.00

Individual Paper2
Group work84
Independent study0
Course coordinator(s)ir. WMM Kop
Lecturer(s)ir. WMM Kop
Examiner(s)ir. WMM Kop

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Assumed knowledge on:

ELS-52306 Teaching and Training Skills.

Continuation courses:

First degree teacher training programme.


This course is a follow-up to ELS-52306 Teaching and Training Skills. The main difference is that students now apply their teaching skills in a real-life situation, either in one Secondary School or in one institute for Professional Education (as an internship).

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- prepare themselves properly for teaching and instructional activities, either in a Secondary School or in one of the institutes for Professional Education;
- recognize important teaching skills by observing experienced teachers and fellow students;
- apply these teaching skills in the classroom, such as make subject matter or course content transparent and accessible for pupils, make clear to pupils what they are expected to do, answer questions of pupils properly, actively involve pupils in the learning process, maintain order in the classroom (to a certain degree), and adequately use multimedia;
-apply communication skills which enhance professional communication with experienced teachers and fellow students;
-reflect on the learning experiences in the classroom, including all learning outcomes as mentioned above, and draw conclusions to improve their performance.


Students will participate in a number of teaching activities. Before the start of the teaching activities, students will analyze their prior experiences with regard to teaching and learning, and formulate personal learning goals based on these experiences in a proposal. Students carry out observation assignments and participate in mandatory reflection meetings at the university. Students have to record their learning experiences throughout the course by writing a logbook, and finally write a reflection paper.


The grade will be based on the quality of:
- the proposal, at the start of the course (10%);
- the reflection paper (90%).
Each component needs a minimum mark of 5.5 to pass. Prerequisite: sufficient input during the supportive meetings and sufficient performance during activities carried out at a Secondary School or at one of the institutes for Professional Education.


A hand-out with the most important course information is available. In Brightspace students can find PowerPoint presentations, relevant literature for their internship etc.