ELS-51901 Personal Motivation Assessment


Studiepunten 1.00

Individual Paper1
Independent study0
Course coordinator(s)ir. M Wink
Lecturer(s)ir. M Wink
SM Zijlstra MSc
MCM Menheere
Examiner(s)ir. M Wink

Language of instruction:

NL and/or EN

Continuation courses:

MOS module ELS-65900 Career Exploration


This course offers students an opportunity to increase their self-awareness. Who doesn’t want to study or work in a place that offers fulfillment and satisfaction? Working with a method for motivational analysis, students find out more about their intrinsic motivation. Knowing your motives serves as a compass to support making conscious study and career choices. Students develop insights in which criteria a study, internship, job or profession should meet in order to be able to study and work in a context that fits you as a person.

NOTE: this course overlaps with YNH-20301 and can as such not be followed by BVG students.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- identify what really offers them fulfillment or satisfaction as a professional throught listing what activities are meaningfull to them;
- find which contexts are motivating for them to work in;
- investigate which particular topics/jobs fascinate them;
- analyze which skills they prefer to use and develop;
- present their motivational compass and match related study choices in the form of a pitch.


- attending a lecture about motivation and working with a method for motivational analysis;
- follow a practical training to find and describe their 'motivational compass';
- searching for specific study paths and career possibilities that match as much as possible with their ‘motivational compass’;
- present their findings regarding what motivates them and the choices they want to make in relation to the next step within their study/career;
- reflect and present their findings in a report (examination).


- active participation in the lecture, training, presentation (mandatory, Go/No Go);
- an individual reflective assignment (100%).


Literature will be provided on Brightspace and books with the working methods are handed out in class.
A lot will be derived from the book: De kracht van motivatie: Anton Philips en Annemiek van Kessel.