ECS-65100 Information Literacy


Studiepunten 1.50

Individual Paper1
Independent study
Course coordinator(s)dr. M Post
Lecturer(s)dr. M Post
RM de Waal
J Post-Smithuis
drs. AMP Kersten
dr. MF Noomen
Examiner(s)dr. M Post


The course Information Literacy is a good preparation for writing a MSc thesis, and for all other research projects during studies or in future professional life. Students learn to develop strategies in finding useful and relevant information without getting lost and loosing too much time. Students learn how to evaluate the found information, how to cite sources properly and to prevent plagiarism. Information is given about managing references with EndNote. Theoretical background will be supplemented by live demos and practical assignments in the scheduled classes as well as in the online course materials. The aim of the assignments is to gain practical experience with finding, selecting, and citing of information sources and to learn from experience of fellow students.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- identify the information need and information sources for a defined task;
- formulate a focused research question, and a strategy to prepare a systematic search;
- construct a systematic search for various databases and platforms, and use relevant articles to find additional information;
- evaluate the search results, revise the search if necessary, and determine when to stop searching;
- store and organise information systematically and transparent;
- cite and reference correctly, avoiding plagiarism and copyright problems;
- describe the process of academic publishing.


The course comprises of three classes with lectures and computer practicals. The first and the second class start with an exploratory test on the course material. Students make an assignment in pairs or individually, which they start during the first class and submit within four days after the second class. In the assignment students set up a search strategy on a given topic and make a reference list of selected sources. They will give and get feedback on the assignments at different moments and they evaluate their own work in the third class.


Student performance will be assessed with a written exam, which is scheduled in a PC room in the exam week. The exam consists of open and closed questions. Students pass if their exam grade is 5.5 or higher and if the assignment is submitted and made with sufficient effort. Assignments that are not submitted in time or that are insufficient have to be redone on a new topic.


All course materials are available in Blackboard.