CPT-35806 Intercultural Communication


Studiepunten 6.00

Individual Paper1
Group work2
Excursion (one day)8
Independent study0
Course coordinator(s)dr. R Lie
Lecturer(s)dr. R Lie
Examiner(s)dr. R Lie

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Assumed knowledge on:

At least one introductory course in the social sciences is required.


This course offers a survey of theories and issues related to communication across cultural borders. Intercultural communication is the circumstance in which people from diverse cultural backgrounds are engaged in communication. This can be through interpersonal contacts, speech and non-verbal communication, through international organisations, business contacts, change interventions, audiovisual mass media and all kinds of written texts. Besides the focus on the study of intercultural communication as a process, the consequences of intercultural communication, such as changing identities and cultural globalisation/localisation, are also analysed. General topics that will be covered are paradigm shifts in thinking about culture and communication; cultural globalisation and cultural localization and the central role of symbols in intercultural communication. The course will create a platform to explore areas of interest such as: changing identities; religions; gender issues; social and family issues; the existence of different worldviews; the role of the mass media; individualism vs. collectivism; the role of language; time and space across cultures; the role of culture in international development; multicultural health care.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- deconstruct the embedding of communication in culture;
- evaluate the main theories of intercultural communication and their underlying assumptions;
- apply theories of intercultural communication to existing processes of intercultural communication, and;
- review relevant skills on how to communicate effectively and respectfully in an intercultural context.


- literature study;
- lectures;
- plenary discussions;
- individual assignment;
- presenting;
- working groups;
- and collective field assignment.


- written exam with open questions;
- 2 individual or small group assignments.
The minimum mark for the written exam and for both assignments is 5.5.


To be announced.

Keuze voor: MCHCommunication, Health and Life SciencesMScA: Spec. A - Communication and Innovation4WD