BPE-36306 Advanced Bioreactor Design


Studiepunten 6.00

Course coordinator(s)dr. ir. A Rinzema
Lecturer(s)dr. G Olivieri
dr. ir. A Rinzema
Examiner(s)dr. G Olivieri
dr. ir. A Rinzema

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Assumed knowledge on:

BPE-21306 Bioreactor Design.

Continuation courses:

BPE-60312 Bioprocess Design; BPE-80324 Thesis BPE.


Large bioreactors are used for production of many biobased products. As a biotechnologist, you have to find the right combination of production rate, product concentration and product yield on reactants and utilities, in connection with upstream and downstream unit operations.
In this course, we teach you how:
- scale-up affects reactor behavior;
- cell retention affects reactor performance;
- an imbalance between supply rates of several reactants can be utilized to steer metabolism;
- you can use mathematical models for design and operation, taking into account the subjects above.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- remember the effects of cell retention, biofilms and scale- up on physical reactor behavior;
- understand the strategy for building mathematical models for bioreactors, and for simplifying and solving them;
- apply such models to design reactors and optimize their operation in the framework of a process;
- analyze how design choices and operating conditions affect the outcome of a process;
- create better processes given an optimization criterion.


Lectures, tutorials, computer practical's.


A closed-book written exam consisting of open questions.

Keuze voor: MBTBiotechnologyMScD: Spec. D - Process Technology3WD
MFTFood TechnologyMScC: Spec. C - Food Fermentation and Biotechnology3WD
MFTFood TechnologyMScB: Spec. B - Sustainable Food Process Engineering3WD