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Vakken A
AFABG-20306Animal Breeding and Genetics
ABG-70424MSc Internship Animal Breeding and Genomics
ABG-80424MSc Thesis Animal Breeding and Genomics
ABG-80436MSc Thesis Animal Breeding and Genomics
MOADP-30306Health, Welfare and Management
ADP-70424MSc Internship Adaptation Physiology
ADP-80436MSc Thesis Adaptation Physiology
MOAEP-20306Economics of Agribusiness
AFAEP-20806Institutional Economics and Economic Organisation Theory
AEP-70424MSc Internship Agricultural Economics and Rural Policy
AEP-80436MSc Thesis Agricultural Economics and Rural Policy
AFAEW-22806Marine Systems
WDAEW-51303Fieldcourse Advanced Limnology, theory & practice
AEW-70424MSc Internship Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management
AEW-80424MSc Thesis Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management
AEW-80436MSc Thesis Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management
MOAFI-31306Life History of Aquatic Organisms
AFI-70424MSc Internship Aquaculture and Fisheries
AFI-80424MSc Thesis Aquaculture and Fisheries
AFI-80436MSc Thesis Aquaculture and Fisheries
ANU-70424MSc Internship Animal Nutrition
ANU-80436MSc Thesis Animal Nutrition
APS-70424MSc Internship Animal Production Systems
APS-80436MSc Thesis Animal Production Systems
Vakken B
MOBCT-23806Principles of Biobased Economy
BCT-34324Micromaster Biobased Sciences for Sustainability
BCT-70424MSc Internship Biobased Chemistry and Technology
BCT-80436MSc Thesis Biobased Chemistry and Technology
MOBEC-52306Financial and Business Management
MOBEC-54806Theories for Business Decisions
BEC-70424MSc Internship Business Economics
BEC-80436MSc Thesis Business Economics
BHE-70324MSc Internship Behavioural Ecology
BHE-80336MSc Thesis Behavioural Ecology
BIC-70424MSc Internship Biochemistry
BIC-80424MSc Thesis Biochemistry
BIC-80436MSc Thesis Biochemistry
MOBIF-20306Introduction to Bioinformatics
AFBIF-50806Practical Computing for Biologists
BIF-70324MSc Internship Bioinformatics
BIF-80324MSc Thesis Bioinformatics
BIF-80336MSc Thesis Bioinformatics
MOBIP-24806Atomic and Molecular Structure
BIP-70424MSc Internship Biophysics
BIP-80436MSc Thesis Biophysics
BIS-70424MSc Internship Biosystematics
BIS-80424MSc Thesis Biosystematics
BIS-80436MSc Thesis Biosystematics
WDBMO-26306Organisational Behaviour & Business Management
AFBMO-26806Circular Economy
AFBMO-31806Facility Management Innovation
AFBMO-35306Principles of Entrepreneurship
AFBMO-55806Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economies
MOBMO-56306Sustainability Leadership: New Concepts and Practices
BMO-70424MSc Internship Business Management and Organisation
BMO-80436MSc Thesis Business Management and Organisation
AFBNT-50806BioNanoTechnology, Introduction
WDBNT-51801Integrated BioNanoTechnology
BNT-70324MSc Internship Bionanotechnology
BNT-80336MSc Thesis Bionanotechnology
BPE-12301National Excursion Biotechnology
MOBPE-13303Introduction to Molecular Life Sciences and Biotechnology
BPE-21801International Excursion Biotechnology
MOBPE-22306Basic Cell Factory Design
WDBPE-60312Bioprocess Design
BPE-70324MSc Internship Bioprocess Engineering
BPE-80336MSc Thesis Bioprocess Engineering
Vakken C
MOCBI-10806Introduction to Cell Biology
AFCBI-30306Human and Veterinary Immunology
MOCBI-51301Integrated Food, Intestinal Homeostasis and Disease
CBI-70424MSc Internship Cell Biology and Immunology
CBI-80436MSc Thesis Cell Biology and Immunology
CHL-70424MSc Internship Consumption and Healthy Lifestyles
CHL-80436MSc Thesis Consumption and Healthy Lifestyles
AFCLB-10803Reproduction of Plants
CLB-70424MSc Internship Cell Biology
CLB-80424MSc Thesis Cell Biology
CLB-80436MSc Thesis Cell Biology
MOCPT-12306Introduction to Strategic Communication
MOCPT-21304Introduction to Technology, Agro-ecology and Development M
MOCPT-23804Introduction to Communication and Innovation Studies M
MOCPT-25306Research Methods for Communication Sciences
MOCPT-31006Integral Approaches in Communication, Health and Life Sciences
AFCPT-33806Advanced Communication Science
MOCPT-38306Philosophy and Ethics of Management, Economics and Consumer Behaviour
MOCPT-56306Analysing Discourse: Theories, Methods and Techniques
AFCPT-65000Applied Ethics
AFCPT-65100Knowledge Hurts
CPT-70824MSc Internship Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-71324MSc Internship Strategic Communication
CPT-80824MSc Thesis Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-80830MSc Thesis Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-80836MSc Thesis Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-81324MSc Thesis Strategic Communication
CPT-81330MSc Thesis Strategic Communication
CPT-81336MSc Thesis Strategic Communication
WDCPT-92403Capita Selecta Philosophy
AFCSA-30806Research Methods in Crop Science
AFCSA-31806Grassland Science
WDCSA-33303Masterclass Organic Agriculture
CSA-70424MSc Internship Crop and Weed Ecology
CSA-70924MSc Internship Crop Physiology
CSA-80424MSc Thesis Crop and Weed Ecology
CSA-80430MSc Thesis Crop and Weed Ecology
CSA-80436MSc Thesis Crop and Weed Ecology
CSA-80924MSc Thesis Crop Physiology
CSA-80936MSc Thesis Crop Physiology
Vakken D
AFDEC-20806Introduction to Development Economics
MODEC-22803Theorists of Economic Growth
AFDEC-32306International Economics: Trade and Development
DEC-70424MSc Internship Development Economics
DEC-80436MSc Thesis Development Economics
Vakken E
MOELS-51006Becoming a Teacher Basics
AFELS-52006Becoming a Teacher 1
MOELS-52306Teaching and Training Skills
AFELS-65300Negotiation Skills
AFELS-65400Intercultural Communication Skills
AFELS-65600Scientific Writing Skills
AFELS-65700The Art of Public Speaking
AFELS-65900Career Development & Planning
AFELS-66200Consultancy Skills
AFELS-66300Management Skills
AFELS-66400Leadership for Transformation
AFELS-66800Personal Leadership and Effectiveness
AFELS-67100Supporting and Understanding Sustainability Transitions (SUST)
AFELS-67300Management Skills in Theory & Practice
AFELS-67400Video for Data Collection
AFELS-67500Dialogue skills
ELS-70424MSc Internship Education and Learning Sciences
ELS-70824MSc Internship Track Entrepreneurship
ELS-80424MSc Thesis Education and Learning Sciences
ELS-80436MSc Thesis Education and Learning Sciences
MOENP-11303Sustainable Solutions to Environmental Problems
MOENP-20806Environmental Management and Industry
ENP-70424MSc Internship Environmental Policy
ENP-80424MSc Thesis Environmental Policy
ENP-80436MSc Thesis Environmental Policy
AFENR-22806Principles of Climate Change Economics and Policy
ENR-70424MSc Internship Environmental Economics and Natural Resources
ENR-80424MSc Thesis Environmental Economics and Natural Resources
ENR-80436MSc Thesis Environmental Economics and Natural Resources
AFENT-30306Ecological Aspects of Bio-interactions
AFENT-30806Fundamental and Applied Aspects of the Biology of Insects
ENT-70424MSc Internship Entomology
ENT-80424MSc Thesis Entomology
ENT-80436MSc Thesis Entomology
AFESA-20806Principles of Environmental Sciences
MOESA-23306Introduction to Climate Change in a Global Change Context
WDESA-60312European Workshop Environmental Sciences and Management
ESA-70424MSc Internship Environmental Systems Analysis
ESA-80436MSc Thesis Environmental Systems Analysis
AFETE-10806Introduction Environmental Technology
MOETE-21306Water Treatment
AFETE-22806Principles of Urban Environmental Management
ETE-70424MSc Internship Environmental Technology
ETE-70824MSc Internship Urban Systems Engineering
ETE-80436MSc Thesis Environmental Technology
ETE-81836MSc Thesis Urban Systems Engineering
EZO-70424MSc Internship Experimental Zoology
EZO-80436MSc Thesis Experimental Zoology
Vakken F
AFFCH-11806Basics in Food Technology
MOFCH-30306Food Ingredient Functionality
DLFCH-35803Enzymology for Food and Biorefinery - Carbohydrases & Kinetics (online)
FCH-70424MSc Internship Food Chemistry
FCH-80436MSc Thesis Food Chemistry
AFFEM-11306Introduction to Forest and Nature Conservation
MOFEM-22306Forest Resources
FEM-70424MSc Internship Forest Ecology and Forest Management
FEM-80436MSc Thesis Forest Ecology and Forest Management
AFFHM-20306Food Microbiology
MOFHM-21806Food Fermentation
FHM-70424MSc Internship Food Microbiology
FHM-80436MSc Thesis Food Microbiology
AFFNP-30306Strategic Planning in Forest and Nature Conservation
FNP-70424MSc Internship Forest and Nature Conservation Policy
FNP-80436MSc Thesis Forest and Nature Conservation Policy
MOFPE-20806Mathematical Concepts for Food Technology
AFFPE-30306Food Structuring
DLFPE-35803Food Structuring - Structuring by temperature, designing edible barriers (online)
DLFPE-35903Food Structuring - Structuring by deformation, properties of interfacial systems (online)
FPE-70324MSc Internship Food Process Engineering
FPE-80336MSc Thesis Food Process Engineering
AFFPH-10306Introduction to Food Technology
AFFPH-20806Molecular Gastronomy
DLFPH-35303Advanced Food Physics - Rheology and fracture of soft solid (online)
FPH-70424MSc Internship Physics and Physical Chemistry of Foods
FPH-80436MSc Thesis Physics and Physical Chemistry of Foods
MOFQD-20306Food Quality Management
WDFQD-22801Foreign Study Trip Food Technology
AFFQD-23806Meat Science
MOFQD-24306Case Studies Product Quality
AFFQD-33306Dairy Chemistry and Physics
AFFQD-33806Usability Research in Product Design
FQD-70424MSc Internship Food Quality and Design
FQD-70824MSc Internship Consumer Technology and Product Use
FQD-80436MSc Thesis Food Quality and Design
FQD-80836MSc Thesis Consumer Technology and Product Use
MOFSE-21306Organic Agriculture and Society
AFFSE-21806Introduction to Organic Production Systems
FSE-70424MSc Internship Farming Systems Ecology
FSE-80424MSc Thesis Farming Systems Ecology
FSE-80430MSc Thesis Farming Systems Ecology
FSE-80436MSc Thesis Farming Systems Ecology
MOFTE-12303Introduction Biosystems Engineering part 1
MOFTE-33806Biosystems Design
AFFTE-34806Modelling of Biobased Production Systems
FTE-70424MSc Internship Farm Technology
FTE-80436MSc Thesis Farm Technology
Vakken G
MOGEN-21306Personal Genetics
AFGEN-30306Genetic Analysis Trends and Concepts
AFGEN-51306Seminal Papers in Evolutionary Biology
GEN-70424MSc Internship Genetics
GEN-80424MSc Thesis Genetics
GEN-80436MSc Thesis Genetics
WDGEO-11806Tourism: Principles & Practice
WDGEO-12306Society, History & Globalisation
AFGEO-20406Human Geography: Theory and Practice
MOGEO-30306Concepts & Approaches to Tourism Society and Environment
AFGEO-31806Tourism & Sustainable Development
GEO-70424MSc Internship Cultural Geography
GEO-80424MSc Thesis Cultural Geography
GEO-80436MSc Thesis Cultural Geography
MOGRS-10306Introduction Geo-information Science
MOGRS-34306Geo-information Science in Context
AFGRS-51306Geo-information Science for Society
GRS-70424MSc Internship Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing
GRS-80436MSc Thesis Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing
Vakken H
AFHAP-11303Academic skills for Biologists
MOHAP-20306Human and Animal Biology, part 2
MOHAP-20406Human and Animal Biology, dissection free, part 2
MOHAP-21303Integrated Human Physiology
MOHAP-31806Molecular Regulation of Health and Disease
HAP-70424MSc Internship Human and Animal Physiology
HAP-80436MSc Thesis Human and Animal Physiology
HMI-70324MSc Internship Host-Microbe Interactomics
HMI-80336MSc Thesis Host-Microbe Interactomics
AFHNH-10806Nutrition and Health: Macronutrients, Energy and Health
MOHNH-24306Nutrition Research Methodologies
AFHNH-24806Introduction to Epidemiology and Public Health
MOHNH-26806Introduction to Global Nutrition and Health
DLHNH-28303Introduction Descriptive Epidemiology and Public Health (online)
DLHNH-28803Introduction Analytical Epidemiology and Public Health (online)
AFHNH-30506Principles of Sensory Science
DLHNH-32403Observational Designs and Assessment of Validity (online)
DLHNH-32903Intermediate Analytical Epidemiology: Confounding and Effect Measure Modification (online)
MOHNH-37806Nutrition and Cancer
WDHNH-38802Concepts and Methods in Epidemiology
HNH-72424MSc Internship Nutrition, Metabolism and Genomics
HNH-73824MSc Internship Sensory Science and Eating Behaviour
HNH-74824MSc Internship Nutrition and Disease
HNH-75824MSc Internship Global Nutrition
HNH-76324MSc Internship Nutritional Biology and Health
HNH-82436MSc Thesis Nutrition, Metabolism and Genomics
HNH-83836MSc Thesis Sensory Science and Eating Behaviour
HNH-84836MSc Thesis Nutrition and Disease
HNH-85836MSc Thesis Global Nutrition
HNH-86336MSc Thesis Nutritional Biology and Health
MOHPP-20306Physiology and Development of Plants in Horticulture
AFHPP-22803Concepts in Environmental Plant Physiology
HPP-70424MSc Internship Horticulture and Product Physiology
HPP-80424MSc Thesis Horticulture and Product Physiology
HPP-80436MSc Thesis Horticulture and Product Physiology
MOHSO-10806Introduction to Health and Society
AFHSO-31806Advances in Health and Society
HSO-70324MSc Internship Health and Society
HSO-80324MSc Thesis Health and Society
HSO-80336MSc Thesis Health and Society
MOHWM-10803Introduction Soil, Water, Atmosphere
AFHWM-24306Environmental Hydraulics
HWM-70424MSc Internship Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management
HWM-80436MSc Thesis Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management
Vakken I
MOINF-21306Data Management
AFINF-22306Programming in Python
INF-70424MSc Internship Information Technology
INF-80436MSc Thesis Information Technology
Vakken L
WDLAR-13809Integrated Studio 1
AFLAR-25806Studio Site Design
MOLAR-29806Planting, Construction and Representation 1
MOLAR-37306Reflections on Planning and Design Practices
AFLAR-39306Master Studio Park Design: a Narrative Approach
LAR-70424MSc Internship Landscape Architecture
LAR-80436MSc Thesis Landscape Architecture
LAW-70424MSc Internship Law and Governance
LAW-80424MSc Thesis Law and Governance
LAW-80436MSc Thesis Law and Governance
AFLUP-24306Concepts and Approaches in Planning Practices
AFLUP-37806Spatial Planning and Scarce Resources
LUP-70424MSc Internship Land Use Planning
LUP-80436MSc Thesis Land Use Planning
Vakken M
MAE-70324MSc Internship Marine Animal Ecology
MAE-80324MSc Thesis Marine Animal Ecology
MAE-80336MSc Thesis Marine Animal Ecology
MOMAQ-11306Air Quality
DLMAQ-51803Learn the Scientific Method in a changing climate
MAQ-70824MSc Internship Meteorology
MAQ-71324MSc Internship Air Quality and Atmospheric Chemistry
MAQ-80836MSc Thesis Meteorology
MAQ-81336MSc Thesis Air Quality and Atmospheric Chemistry
MOMAT-12806Mathematics M (Mathematics for Social Sciences)
MOMAT-14303Basic Statistics
AFMAT-14803Mathematics 1
MOMAT-14803Mathematics 1
AFMAT-14903Mathematics 2
AFMAT-15303Statistics 1
MOMAT-15303Statistics 1
MOMAT-15403Statistics 2
WDMAT-15806Research Methods 1
AFMAT-20306Advanced Statistics
MOMAT-20306Advanced Statistics
AFMAT-20306Advanced Statistics
MOMAT-20306Advanced Statistics
AFMAT-23306Multivariate Mathematics Applied
WDMAT-25806Research Methods 2
MOMAT-26806Data Analysis for Biosystems Engineering
MAT-70424MSc Internship Mathematical and Statistical Methods
MAT-80436MSc Thesis Mathematical and Statistical Methods
AFMCB-10806Social Psychology
AFMCB-11805Introduction to Management and Consumer Studies
MOMCB-20806Principles of Consumer Studies
AFMCB-32306Applied Consumer Studies
MCB-70424MSc Internship Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
MCB-80436MSc Thesis Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
AFMIB-20306Microbial Physiology
AFMIB-31306Microbial Ecology
MIB-70424MSc Internship Microbiology
MIB-80436MSc Thesis Microbiology
AFMOB-20306Gene Technology
AFMOB-30306Control of Cellular Processes and Cell Differentiation
MOB-70424MSc Internship Molecular Biology
MOB-80424MSc Thesis Molecular Biology
MOB-80436MSc Thesis Molecular Biology
Vakken N
MONEM-10306Introduction Plant Sciences
AFNEM-20806Basics of Infectious Diseases
AFNEM-30306Host-Parasite Interactions
MONEM-30306Host-Parasite Interactions
AFNEM-52306Concepts and Theories of Healthy Aging
NEM-70424MSc Internship Nematology
NEM-80424MSc Thesis Nematology
NEM-80436MSc Thesis Nematology
Vakken O
AFORC-11806Analytical Methods in Organic Chemistry
AFORC-12803Organic Chemistry 1
MOORC-12903Organic Chemistry 2
AFORC-13803Bio-organic Chemistry for Life Sciences
MOORC-13803Bio-organic Chemistry for Life Sciences
AFORC-30306Applied Biocatalysis
MOORC-50803Chemical Biology: Exploring Biology with Small Molecules
ORC-70424MSc Internship Organic Chemistry
ORC-80436MSc Thesis Organic Chemistry
AFORL-20306Decision Science 1
ORL-70424MSc Internship Operations Research and Logistics
ORL-80436MSc Thesis Operations Research and Logistics
Vakken P
AFPAP-20306Studying Public Governance: Key Concepts and Leading Authors
MOPAP-20806Public Administration and Environmental Law
AFPAP-21806European Union Institutions and Policies
WDPAP-22306Policy, Governance & Law
MOPAP-53801Integrated Freedom from Hunger
PAP-70324MSc Internship Public Administration and Policy
PAP-80324MSc Thesis Public Administration and Policy
PAP-80336MSc Thesis Public Administration and Policy
MOPBR-22303Plant Breeding
DLPBR-22803Principles of Plant Breeding (online)
DLPBR-32302Breeding for Abiotic Stress Tolerance (online)
DLPBR-33803Germplasm and Seed Technology (online)
PBR-70424MSc Internship Plant Breeding
PBR-80424MSc Thesis Plant Breeding
PBR-80436MSc Thesis Plant Breeding
AFPCC-12303General Chemistry 1
MOPCC-12303General Chemistry 1
AFPCC-12803General Chemistry for the Life Sciences
AFPCC-22803Theory of Relativity
WDPCC-33808From Molecule to Designer Material
PCC-70424MSc Internship Physical Chemistry and Soft Matter
PCC-80436MSc Thesis Physical Chemistry and Soft Matter
MOPEN-10503Ecology I
MOPEN-20503Ecology II
AFPEN-22806Habitat Analysis for Ecologists
PEN-70424MSc Internship Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation
PEN-80436MSc Thesis Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation
MOPHP-21303Fundamentals of Plant Pathology and Entomology
AFPHP-31803Current Topics in Plant Biotechnology Part 1
AFPHP-31903Current Topics in Plant Biotechnology Part 2
PHP-70424MSc Internship Phytopathology
PHP-80424MSc Thesis Phytopathology
PHP-80436MSc Thesis Phytopathology
PPH-70424MSc Internship Plant Physiology
PPH-80424MSc Thesis Plant Physiology
PPH-80436MSc Thesis Plant Physiology
PPS-70424MSc Internship Plant Production Systems
PPS-80424MSc Thesis Plant Production Systems
PPS-80430MSc Thesis Plant Production Systems
PPS-80436MSc Thesis Plant Production Systems
Vakken Q
QVE-70424MSc Internship Quantitative Veterinary Epidemiology
QVE-80436MSc Thesis Quantitative Veterinary Epidemiology
Vakken R
AFREG-31306Trends in Forest and Nature Conservation
MOREG-31806Ecological Methods I
REG-70424MSc Internship Resource Ecology
REG-80436MSc Thesis Resource Ecology
AFRHI-10506Introduction to International Development Studies
MORHI-10506Introduction to International Development Studies
AFRHI-10806Economics and Governance in Historical Perspective
AFRHI-50806Sustainability and Resilience in History
AFRHI-51806African History
RHI-70424MSc Internship Rural and Environmental History
RHI-80436MSc Thesis Rural and Environmental History
AFRSO-12306Biosystems Engineering and Society
AFRSO-58306Advanced Social Theory
RSO-70424MSc Internship Rural Sociology
RSO-80424MSc Thesis Rural Sociology
RSO-80436MSc Thesis Rural Sociology
Vakken S
SBL-70424MSc Internship Soil Biology
SBL-81824MSc Thesis Soil Biology
SBL-81830MSc Thesis Soil Biology
SBL-81836MSc Thesis Soil Biology
AFSDC-21804Introduction to the Sociology of Development, Knowledge and Change M
AFSDC-23306Law and Public Power
AFSDC-30306Sociological and Anthropological Perspectives on Development
AFSDC-34806Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction
MOSDC-36306Perspectives and Themes in International Development Studies
MOSDC-51806Food Crises: the Big Picture
SDC-70424MSc Internship Sociology of Development and Change
SDC-70824MSc Internship Disaster Studies
SDC-80424MSc Thesis Sociology of Development and Change
SDC-80430MSc Thesis Sociology of Development and Change
SDC-80436MSc Thesis Sociology of Development and Change
SDC-80736MSc Thesis Disaster Studies
SGL-70424MSc Internship Soil Geography and Landscape
SGL-80436MSc Thesis Soil Geography and Landscape
WDSGL-80812BSc Thesis Soil, Water, Atmosphere
AFSLM-10306Land Degradation and Remediation
MOSLM-20806Water Quantity and Quality
AFSLM-30306Issues and Concepts in International Land and Water Management
SLM-70324MSc Internship Soil Physics and Land Management
SLM-80324MSc Thesis Soil Physics and Land Management
SLM-80336MSc Thesis Soil Physics and Land Management
AFSOC-23306Principles of Earth and Ecosystem Science
SOC-70424MSc Internship Soil Chemistry and Chemical Soil Quality
SOC-81336MSc Thesis Soil Chemistry and Chemical Soil Quality
MOSSB-20306Bioinformation Technology
AFSSB-50806Systems and Synthetic Biology
SSB-70324MSc Internship Systems and Synthetic Biology
SSB-80336MSc Thesis Systems and Synthetic Biology
Vakken T
MOTOX-20303General Toxicology
TOX-70424MSc Internship Toxicology
TOX-80424MSc Thesis Toxicology
TOX-80436MSc Thesis Toxicology
Vakken U
AFUEC-51806Advanced Microeconomics
UEC-70424MSc Internship Urban Economics
UEC-80436MSc Thesis Urban Economics
Vakken V
VIR-70424MSc Internship Virology
VIR-80424MSc Thesis Virology
VIR-80436MSc Thesis Virology
Vakken W
MOWRM-10306Irrigation and Water Management
WDWRM-12309Orientation on International Land and Water Management
WRM-80424MSc Thesis Water Resources Management
WRM-80436MSc Thesis Water Resources Management
MOWSG-51306Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies for Society
WSG-70424MSc Internship Water Systems and Global Change
WSG-80424MSc Thesis Water Systems and Global Change
WSG-80436MSc Thesis Water Systems and Global Change
Vakken Y
AFYAS-10306Introduction to Animal Sciences
WDYAS-20801International Study Visits for Animal Sciences
MOYAS-21303Personal Development and Academic Skills
WDYAS-80312BSc Thesis Animal Sciences
YBI-38301Skills portfolio for BBI
YBI-70324BSc Internship Biology
WDYBI-85812BSc Thesis Biology
YBT-80324BSc Thesis Biotechnology
YFS-10301Excursions and lectures Food Technology
WDYFS-10801Wageningen Scientific Preparation Week for Food Science Programmes
WDYFS-60303Team Project European Masters
YFS-70312BSc Internship Food Technology
YFS-80824BSc Thesis Food Science and Technology
YFS-80836Industrial Thesis European Masters Food Studies
WDYHP-11802Kick-off BSc Honours Programme@Texel
YHP-23810BSc Honours Broadening
YHP-31312BSc Honours Deepening
YHP-31803BSc Honours Personal Development
AFYLI-65100Finding and using literature for your MSc thesis
AFYMC-60300Modular Skills Training
AFYMC-60400Modular Skills Training
WDYMC-60809Academic Consultancy Training
AFYML-20303Responsibility and Reflection in Molecular Life Sciences
WDYML-31304Frontiers In Molecular Life Sciences
WDYML-80321BSc Thesis Molecular Life Sciences
WDYMS-30812Metropolitan Challenges
WDYMS-31803Entrepreneurial Thinking
YMS-32306Professional Profile
YMS-70324Amsterdam Living Laboratory
YMS-80330MSc Thesis Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering
YNH-20802Skills portfolio for BVG
YNH-21301Lectures and Excursion
WDYNH-30302Frontiers in Nutrition Science
DLYNH-60312Translation of theory to projects (Continuous Course, Online)
YNH-80312BSc Thesis Nutrition and Health
WDYPS-10301Wageningen Scientific Preparation Week MPS, MPB, MOA
DLYPS-60315Plant Breeding Design Cluster (online)
YPS-82318BSc Thesis Plant Sciences
MOYRM-20306Research Methods in Environmental Science
AFYRM-20806Research Design & Research Methods
MOYRM-21306Research Methodology for Human Environment Interactions
AFYSS-12301Skills for BBC-students
MOYSS-22306Introduction to Management and Life Sciences
WDYSS-31306Thesis Path MDR
MOYSS-82312BSc Thesis Consumer Studies
MOYWU-10803Introduction Environmental Sciences
MOYWU-30306Interdisciplinary Topics in Earth and Environment
AFYWU-30806Environmental Data Collection and Analysis
WDYWU-60312Research Master Cluster: Proposal Writing
YWU-70318BSc Internship International Land and Water Management
YWU-80324BSc Thesis Biosystems Engineering
YWU-80812BSc Thesis International Land and Water Management
Vakken Z
AFZSS-03800Learning to learn
AFZSS-04800From procrastination to action!