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Common Part

RO-0: Choose courses in consultation with your study adviser if these or equivalent courses lack in your bachelor. Introduction to Organic Production Systems (FSE-21806) is designed for students with a social science bachelor, Organic Agriculture and Society (FSE-21306) is designed for students with a life science bachelors background. It is not allowed to include both because of overlap in content
RO-1: Choose in consultation and agreement with your study adviser either RO-1A or RO-1B:
- RO-1A focuses on consultancy and business.
- RO-1B focuses on research proposal writing and funding.

If you select RO-1A, choose YMC-60809 and choose 3 credits worth of Modular Skills Training courses (MOS).

ZSS-06000General Safety0.00CSM11WD
ZSS-06100Laboratory Safety0.00CSM11WD
ZSS-06200Fieldwork Safety0.00CSM11WD
CSA-33303Masterclass Organic Agriculture3.00CSM11WD+2WD+3WD+4WD+5WD+6WD
RSO-34806Social Transformations towards Sustainable Food Systems6.00CSM12AF
PPS-31806Functional Agricultural Resource Management6.00CSM12MO
FSE-21806Introduction to Organic Production Systems6.00RO0M11AF
MAT-20306Advanced Statistics6.00RO0M11AF, 1MO, 5MO, 6MO
FSE-21306Exploring the Future of Food and Farming6.00RO0M11MO
MCB-20806Principles of Consumer Studies6.00RO0M11MO
YPS-10301Wageningen Scientific Preparation Week MPS, MPB, MOA1.00RO0M11WD
MAT-22306Quantitative Research Methodology and Statistics6.00RO0M13WD, 4WD
YMC-60300Modular Skills Training3.00RO1AM11AF, 2AF, 3AF, 5AF, 6AF
YMC-60809Academic Consultancy Training9.00RO1AM1/21WD, 2WD, 3MO+4WD, 5WD, 6WD
YWU-60312Research Master Cluster: Proposal Writing12.00RO1BM1/21WD, 2WD, 3WD+4WD, 5WD, 6WD