Forest and Nature Conservation (MFN) / MSc - Specialisatie Spec. B - Management (B)

Omschrijving Forest and Nature Conservation

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Limited choice:

RO-1: Choose at least 2 courses
RO-2: Choose 1 course
RO-3: Choose 0-2 courses depending on your thesis in consultation with your study adviser
RO-4: Choose 1 thesis

FEM-30806Resource Dynamics and Sustainable Utilization6.00RO1M12AF
REG-32806Wildlife Ecology and Conservation6.00RO1M12MO
PEN-30806Restoration Ecology6.00RO1M14WD
FEM-30306Forest Ecology and Forest Management6.00RO1M15AF
REG-33306Disease Ecology6.00RO1M16WD
FNP-31306Communities, Conservation and Development6.00RO2M13WD
ENR-31306Economics and Management of Natural Resources6.00RO2M14WD
FNP-32306Decision-Making in Forest and Nature Management: Theory and Practice6.00RO2M15MO
MAT-22306Quantitative Research Methodology and Statistics6.00RO3M13WD, 4WD
FNP-31806Social and Political Theory for Forest and Nature Conservation Research6.00RO3M14WD
PEN-30306Plant, Vegetation and Systems Ecology6.00RO3M16WD
REG-30306Animal Ecology6.00RO3M16WD
SDC-33306Methodology for Field Research in the Social Sciences6.00RO3M16WD
FEM-80436MSc Thesis Forest Ecology and Forest Management36.00RO4M1/21,2,3,4,5,6
FNP-80436MSc Thesis Forest and Nature Conservation Policy36.00RO4M1/21,2,3,4,5,6
PEN-80436MSc Thesis Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation36.00RO4M1/21,2,3,4,5,6
REG-80436MSc Thesis Resource Ecology36.00RO4M1/21,2,3,4,5,6