Earth and Environment (MEE) / MSc

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Common Part

Tracks for career preparation:
- General, Research, Climate change, Educational: choose appropriate option in Academic Master Cluster
- Entrepreneurship: restrictions on internship and Academic Master Cluster (see
RO-1: choose either RO-1A, RO-1B, RO-1C or RO-1D:
- RO-1A: General + entrepreneurial track (restrictions for entrepreneurial track): if this track is selected, choose YMC-60809 and choose 3 credits worth of Modular Skills Training courses (MOS)
- RO-1B: Research track
- RO-1C: Climate change track
- RO-1D: Educational track: Dutch speaking students with (1a) a BSc degree BSW, (1b) with a completed minor education, (2) taking specialization A or B, may obtain an ‘eerstegraads lesbevoegdheid’ in Physics by combining the MEE programme with a programme at Radboud University (see Choose YWU70812 and consult your study adviser for further information.

RO-2: These data science courses are optional. Select these courses only in consultation with your study adviser. Base your choice on prior knowledge, MEE specialisation and thesis subject.

YWU-30806Environmental Data Collection and Analysis6.00CSM11AF
YWU-30306Interdisciplinary Topics in Earth and Environment6.00CSM11MO
ZSS-06000General Safety0.00CSM11WD
ZSS-06100Laboratory Safety0.00CSM11WD
ZSS-06200Fieldwork Safety0.00CSM11WD
YWU-70812Teaching Highschool Physics A12.00RO1DM11,2,3,4,5,6
YMC-60300Modular Skills Training3.00RO1AM12AF, 3AF, 5AF, 6AF
YMC-60809Academic Consultancy Training9.00RO1AM12WD, 3MO+4WD, 5WD, 6WD
YWU-60312Research Master Cluster: Proposal Writing12.00RO1BM12WD, 3WD+4WD, 5WD, 6WD
WSG-60812Design of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies12.00RO1CM15AF, 6WD
INF-34306Data Science Concepts6.00RO2M12AF
INF-33806Big Data6.00RO2M12MO
FTE-35306Machine Learning6.00RO2M14WD
GRS-35306Data Science for Smart Environments6.00RO2M15AF
GRS-34806Deep Learning6.00RO2M15MO