Environmental Sciences (BES) / BSc - Major Spec. C - Environmental Technology (C)

Omschrijving Environmental Sciences

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Limited choice:

Before starting with the BSc Thesis students must have completed at least 102 credits of CS and RO courses, including all 60 credits of the B1, ETE10806, ETE-23803 and BCT22803

ORC-12803Organic Chemistry 13.00CSB23WD
ORC-13303Environmental Organic Chemistry3.00CSB23WD
BCT-22803Physical Transport Phenomena3.00CSB25AF
ETE-23803Environmental Process Engineering3.00CSB25AF
MAT-23306Multivariate Mathematics Applied6.00CSB31AF
ETE-21306Water Treatment6.00CSB31MO
ETE-80903BSc Thesis Environmental Technology Part 1: Design Tools3.00CSB32AF
ETE-80909BSc Thesis Environmental Technology Part 29.00CSB32AF, 3WD
ETE-26304Renewable Energy Technologies4.00CSB32MO
PCC-21802Introductory Thermodynamics A2.00CSB32WD