BSc Minor Biobased Sciences (WUBBS) / BSc


The transition from fossil to sustainable energy and biobased materials requires technical innovation and different approaches in chain management. The BSc minor Bio-based Sciences focuses on technical strategies to replace fossils by bio-mass. Strategies to produce suitable biomass and principles of biorefinery will be introduced. Attention is drawn to a number of renewable resource applications, to renewable energy production as well as production of biobased materials and basic micro-economy. This BSc minor is a programme minor.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this minor students are expected to be able to:
- describe how a biobased economy can be developed and the technical, social and political barriers that should be overcome;
- describe technologies required for different applications of renewable resources;
- explain strategies to provide the biobased economy with suitable biomass;
- explain basic principles biorefinery;
- illustrate the term 'sustainability' and determine a personal opinion on sustainability;
- judge if a described petrochemical application can be replaced by biobased technology.

Language of Instruction


BSc Minor Coordinator

- Dr. ir. S. Isken
Phone: 0317-(4)82241

Target Group

This minor is interesting for all students of bèta BSc programmes. The minor prepares students for the MSc Biobased Sciences.