FQD-64806 Food Quality Management Research Principles II


Studiepunten 6.00

Individual Paper3
Group work24
Course coordinator(s)dr. ir. PA Luning
Lecturer(s)dr. ir. EJH Spelt
dr. ir. PA Luning
dr. JLF Hagelaar
Examiner(s)dr. ir. PA Luning
dr. JLF Hagelaar
dr. ir. EJH Spelt

Language of instruction:


Mandatory knowledge:

At least 6 credits of the described MFQ programme should have been passed at the moment of registration for the course.

Assumed knowledge on:

FQD-20306 Food Quality Management and FQD-64306 Food Quality Management Research Principles I


Food quality management encompasses the management of food production systems to realise and ensure product quality in food supply chains. Food quality issues are commonly rooted in multiple systems such as the technical food production, the quality and safety management system, the supply chain, and safety governance system. Analysis of complex issues in food quality management requires an interdisciplinary research approach, the so-called techno-managerial approach.
The research principles course II (FQD 64806) builds further on the previous course FQD-64306; the combined courses are the academic master course for MSc students in Food Quality Management. In the research principles course II, you will use the techno-managerial research approach in designing and applying research methods for empirical research (data collection and analysis) and in developing possible solutions on likely technological and managerial causal factors underlying the complex quality problem.
Major topics addressed in this course include:
- operationalising research framework (make it measurable);
- designing empirical study;
- developing research methods for data collection (expert interview, literature analysis empirical studies, survey);
- data collection principles;
- qualitative data analysis;
- developing technological and managerial intervention strategies (solutions);
- scientific reporting;
- food quality management in research and practice.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- design an empirical study connected to a theory-based research framework (output FQD64306);
- develop and apply research methods to collect data on technological (T) and managerial (M) factors underlying the complex food quality problem;
- analyse qualitative data and draw conclusions on bottlenecks, i.e. most likely causal T and M factors;
- develop possible technological and managerial solutions (interventions) as basis for recommendations for research and practice; 
- apply techno-managerial approach and common research skills;
- write a research report;
- advance critical attitude towards own research skills


Students will:

- work in teams on three subsequent assignments. The final report includes all improved assignments and formatted as research report
- practice research skills, work on assignments, and give a progress presentation in class
- give peer feedback on assignment reports and progress presentations of peers
- keep a team research notebook
- make team action-plans to organise your research work
- weekly assess own research activities, their contribution to the assignment, and their personal improvement needs
- write a critical research reflection at the end of the course and present final research


There is no written examination. The final mark composes of the mark for the final team report (80%) and individual critical reflection (together 20%). If the mark of the final team report is below 5.5, students have to revise it and submit it in the next period. If the mark of the  individual critical reflection report is below 5.5, the student have to improve their report.


Lcture notes, assignments, detailed course scheme, announcements links to useful articles, supporting documents and materials, and platform for submission of assignments will be through Brightspace. 
Other learning materials & resources include:
- Book Food Quality Management: technological & managerial principles and practices (Luning & Marcelis, 2020)
- Digital library to search literature

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