ELS-65300 Negotiation Skills


Studiepunten 1.50

Individual Paper1
Independent study0
Course coordinator(s)M Hupkes
Lecturer(s)M Hupkes
A Pachuau MSc
drs. FL Roschar
SM Zijlstra MSc
Examiner(s)A Pachuau MSc

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This course is a practical training focusing on the development of professional negotiation skills which academic students can use in their MSc education and their future professional life.
Theoretical background information on negotiating will be supplemented by practical assignments during the sessions. The aim of the assignments is to gain personal learning experiences towards negotiating, based on your own learning goals and reaching those goals with the tools provided. Active participation, experimenting with new behaviour and active reflection on your ideas, thoughts and experiences during these sessions are required.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- understand the essentials of negotiation theory;
- analyse own behaviour in negotiations with use of negotiation models;
- llustrate personal learning focus according to provided reflective learning guidelines;
- evaluate the negotiation skills of peers giving feedback on their performance;
- compose possible better ways of approaching your professional negotiation in future.


- practice and discuss negotiation and conflict resolution theory and tools in role plays;
- choose the most effective negotiation strategy in a specific context;
- give feedback on communicative behaviour of fellow students;
- write a self-evaluation paper on effectiveness of own behaviour in negotiations.


Student performance will be assessed by the quality of a personal reflection paper in which the student reflects on the theoretical background, his/her strong and weak points in negotiations, learning experiences, and future focus. Active participation in the course is requisite for passing the course.


The book Getting to Yes by R. Fisher and W. Ury. Reader and other course materials are available on Brightspace.