AEP-33306 Economics of Agribusiness

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Studiepunten 6.00

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Course coordinator(s)dr. ir. JHM Peerlings
Lecturer(s)dr. ir. JHM Peerlings
dr. E Gehrke
Y Jin
Examiner(s)dr. ir. JHM Peerlings

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Assumed knowledge on:

Mathematics at the level of MAT-12806 Mathematics M (Mathematics for Social Sciences); UEC-10406 Microeconomics and Behaviour.

Continuation courses:

AEP-30306 The Economics of European Integration: Agricultural, Rural and Regional Policy Analysis


Agribusiness is an important economic sector. It includes primary agriculture, food processing industries, and input-delivering industries. This course provides a description and analysis of economic behaviour of actors in agribusiness. The linkages between economic actors through national and international markets and through other co-ordination mechanisms such as contracts receive special attention. Microeconomic and institutional theories are the basis for description and analysis. Important subjects are: position of agribusiness within the economy, firm and consumer behaviour, investment, markets of food products, co-ordination mechanisms and imperfect competition in agribusiness, organisation of food production (e.g. family farms), agricultural and environmental policies and regional and international trade in food products. After this course you better understand economic phenomena as future markets, oligopolies, policy intervention and family farms in agriculture.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- reproduce microeconomic descriptions and theories that are relevant for agribusiness;
- solve and interpret the results of microeconomic exercises on agribusiness;
- analyse behaviour of agents in agribusiness; 
- explain economic phenomena using microeconomic and institutional theory.


- attending lectures and studying the reader;
- doing exercises;
- doing simulations with economic models in Excel;
- weekly tests.


Written exam with 20 true / false statements and four open questions (100%).


Reader "Economics of Agribusiness" plus additional material in the Learning Environment@WUR.

Verplicht voor: BBCManagement and Consumer StudiesBScA: Spec. A - Business Studies1MO
Keuze voor: MOAOrganic AgricultureMScB: Spec. B - Sustainable Food Systems1MO
Verplicht voor: WUABMBSc Minor Agricultural Business Management1MO