AFI-33306 Sustainability in Fish and Seafood Production


Studiepunten 6.00

Group work5
Excursion (one day)21
Course coordinator(s)ir. GLH Schlaman
Lecturer(s)ir. GLH Schlaman
dr. S Pascucci
dr. ir. HW Saatkamp
ir. PAM van Zwieten
Examiner(s)dr. S Pascucci
dr. ir. HW Saatkamp
ir. PAM van Zwieten
ir. GLH Schlaman

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Continuation courses:

BSc Minor Marine (AFI-20306 Aquaculture and Fisheries; ENP-52806 Ocean and Coastal Governance; EZO-51306 Marine Life).


The course deals with the economic, ecological and managerial sustainability of fish capture and aquaculture. The product value chain from feed resource to retailer of fish products will be analysed in an integrated and interdisciplinary approach. The focus will be on the assessment of ecological and economic sustainability, combined with an analysis of potential innovations towards sustainability.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- analyse the various components of the fish and seafood value chain and its stakeholders;
- apply basic principles of business economics in the fish and seafood sector to assess economic sustainability and to support decision making;
- illustrate basic managerial and organization characteristics of the fish and seafood value chain in relation to a shift in sustainability;
- apply basic principles of ecological sustainability of fish and seafood production in the whole value chain;
- analyse basic concepts of sustainability in the fish and seafood value chain, by applying the knowledge on business economics, ecological impacts and managerial issues;
- apply this integrated knowledge in a sustainability assessment on a current issue in farmed or captured fish and seafood production.


Classroom lectures, tutorials, Project group work activities (case study), field excursions and guest lectures.


- written tests (2 exams, counting as bonus (interim) and 50% (final)) with open and multiple choice questions;
- case study report (30%) and Case study presentation (10%) and excursion (10%).
Each component needs a minimal mark of 5.5.


Brightspace with lecture notes, articles and presentations.

Keuze voor: BASAnimal SciencesBScA: Animal Management and Care4WD
MASAnimal SciencesMScC: Global and Sustainable Production4WD
Keuze voor: WUMLRBSc Minor Marine Living Resources4WD