Vakken per periode 5  (Bachelor)

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Vakken A
AFAEP-20806Institutional Economics and Economic Organisation Theory
MOAEP-22806Spatial and Regional Economics
MOAFI-20306Aquaculture and Fisheries
Vakken B
AFBCT-22803Physical Transport Phenomena
AFBEC-10306Introduction to Business Economics
AFBEC-21806Introduction to Business Economics, Management and Marketing
AFBHE-20303Animal Behaviour
AFBIC-10306Practical Biological Chemistry
AFBIP-24306Spectroscopy and Imaging
BPE-12301National Excursion Biotechnology
MOBPE-12806Bioprocess Engineering Basics BT
AFBPE-21306Bioreactor Design
Vakken C
MOCBI-20306Cell Biology and Health
MOCBI-20803Introduction to Human Immunology
AFCPT-10303Biology and Philosophy, Exploring Open Questions
MOCPT-11806Technology, Development and Natural Resources
MOCPT-14306Life Sciences for Communication Scientists
AFCPT-21806Communication and Policy Making
AFCPT-22806Innovation Management and Transdisciplinary Design
WDCPT-26306Cross-Cultural Studies
MOCPT-32306Behavioural Interventions for Health
MOCPT-34806Research for Effective Communication
AFCSA-10806Introduction Quantitative Agroecology
Vakken E
MOELS-10301Presentation Skills (BSc)
MOENP-10806Environmental Policy Instruments
WDENP-11806Sociology & Tourism
MOENP-24803Social-Scientific Analysis of Environmental Issues
MOENR-20306Environmental Economics and Environmental Policy
AFENR-21306Environmental Economics for Environmental Sciences
AFENR-22306Public Sector Economics
WDESA-23806Tourism Systems Analysis
AFESA-81303BSc Thesis Environmental Quality and Systems Analysis Part 1
AFETE-23803Environmental Process Engineering
MOETE-25812Environmental Project Studies
AFEZO-10306Human and Animal Biology I
MOEZO-10306Human and Animal Biology I
MOEZO-22306Concepts and Approaches in Developmental Biology
Vakken F
MOFEM-10306Ecology of Forests
AFFHM-22806Food Hazards
MOFHM-31806Biotechnology 2
AFFNP-23303Value Chains for Sustainable Landscapes: Theories, Tools and Practices
MOFNP-24306Governance for Forest, Nature and Biodiversity
MOFPE-20306Food Engineering
MOFQD-10306Business and Consumer Perspectives on Food Quality
MOFTE-14303Engineering problem solving
AFFTE-25303Building Physics and Climate Engineering
WDFTE-26812Field Robot Design
Vakken G
MOGEN-20306Molecular and Evolutionary Ecology
AFGEO-23306Cultural and Historical Geography
WDGEO-24306Tourism Destination Management
AFGEO-36306Environmental Psychology
MOGEO-80818BSc Thesis Tourism
AFGRS-20806Geo-information Tools
Vakken H
MOHMI-20306Microbiomes and Health
HNE-23801Lectures and Excursion
AFHNE-25806Research Methodology for Nutrition and Health I
MOHNE-28305Metabolic Aspects of Nutrition
MOHPP-21306Crop Ecology
MOHSO-10306Global Health
AFHSO-31306Systematic Reviews in Health and Society
AFHWM-21806Hydraulics and Hydrometry
Vakken L
MOLAR-27806Planting, Construction and Representation 2
WDLAR-37809Studio Regional Design
MOLAR-38303Landscape Aesthetics
MOLUP-35806Mobility & Network Infrastructures
WDLUP-37312Studio Strategic Planning
Vakken M
MOMAQ-10306Introduction Atmosphere
AFMAQ-22806Atmosphere-Vegetation-Soil Interactions
MOMAT-14903Mathematics 2
AFMAT-15003Mathematics 3
MOMAT-15003Mathematics 3
AFMAT-15303Statistics 1
AFMAT-15403Statistics 2
MOMAT-20306Advanced Statistics
MOMAT-24803Mathematics for Time-dependent Systems
AFMCB-10806Social Psychology
WDMCB-12306Consumer Behaviour & Marketing Management
AFMIB-10306Microbiology & Biochemistry
MOMOB-20306Gene Technology
AFMST-32306Strategic Change Management and Innovation
Vakken O
MOORC-12903Organic Chemistry 2
MOORL-30306Decision Science 2
Vakken P
AFPAP-10306Public Administration and Policy Making
AFPAP-30306Designing Innovative Governance Arrangements
AFPCC-12403General Chemistry 2
MOPCC-20806Soft Matter
MOPCC-23303Introductory Thermodynamics B
AFPEN-21803Ecology of Communities, Ecosystems and Landscapes: Theory
AFPEN-80812BSc Thesis Forest and Nature Conservation
MOPPH-10806Structure and Function of Plants
Vakken R
MOREG-20306Climate Change Ecology
AFRSO-21306Policy, People and Resources in Comparative Perspective
AFRSO-30806The Sociology of Farming and Rural Life
Vakken S
MOSBL-21806Soil Quality
MOSCH-21306Demography and Global Population Issues
AFSCH-23306Health Issues in Daily Life, a Bèta-Gamma Approach
AFSDC-22806Natural Resource Governance in a Complex World
MOSDC-23306Law and Public Power
MOSDC-30306Sociological and Anthropological Perspectives on Development
WDSGL-12306Tourism Geographies
AFSGL-22803Soils and Landscapes of the Netherlands
WDSGL-23312Landscape Geography
WDSGL-80812BSc Thesis Soil, Water, Atmosphere
MOSLM-21306Subsurface Solute Transport
AFSOC-21306Soil Pollution and Soil Protection
MOSSB-20306Bioinformation Technology
Vakken T
MOTOX-30806Environmental Toxicology
Vakken U
AFUEC-22306Economics of Consumption, Welfare and Society
MOUEC-31306Consumer Decision Making
Vakken V
MOVIR-20803Human Infectious Diseases
Vakken W
MOWRM-21312Design in Land and Water Management 2
Vakken Y
AFYAS-11803Animal Science in Society
MOYAS-21303Personal Development and Academic Skills
AFYAS-32806Quality of Animal Products
WDYAS-80312BSc Thesis Animal Sciences
YBI-70324BSc Internship Biology
WDYBI-85812BSc Thesis Biology
YBT-80324BSc Thesis Biotechnology
YEI-70318BSc Internship International Land and Water Management
YEI-80324BSc Thesis Biosystems Engineering
YEI-80812BSc Thesis International Land and Water Management
YFS-10301Excursions and lectures Food Technology
YFS-80824BSc Thesis Food Science and Technology
WDYHP-11303Orientation Course BSc Honours Programme
YHP-23810BSc Honours Broadening
YHP-31312BSc Honours Deepening
YHP-31803BSc Honours Personal Development
AFYML-20303Philosophy of Science and Ethics in Molecular Life Sciences
WDYML-80321BSc Thesis Molecular Life Sciences
YNH-80312BSc Thesis Nutrition and Health
YPS-82318BSc Thesis Plant Sciences
WDYSS-21303European Exchange programme Management, Consumer Studies and Economics