XIS-62308 Group Project Management


Studiepunten 8.00

Group work15
Excursion (one day)8
Course coordinator(s)drs. CA Langeveld

Language of instruction:


Assumed knowledge on:

The courses of the first year of MOA specialization C.

Continuation courses:

MSc thesis.


This course is part of the Autumn semester 'Agroecology' at ISARA, Lyon, France.
In this module, students will deal with different real-life projects. In groups they will analyse a demand from an external client (technical institutes, regional agricultural departments, research centres, associations, private companies) during the whole third semester. The objectives are to use different methodological and project management tools (defining leadership, time schedule, deliverables), and to apply disciplinary knowledge acquired in previous courses (semester 1 and 2). In addition a self-reflection process of the students is implemented (contribution to the team work, assessment of the function in the group). The self-reflection can be carried out either during an interview with a professor or with a written document. The principle group work will be a literature review, field work or surveys in order to qualitatively and quantitatively analyse collected data and discussion their findings in group presentations with the external clients.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- analyse a demand from an external client;
- apply different methodological and project management tools;
- apply disciplinary knowledge to achieve project goals;
- reflect on the group process and individual contributions to the project and assessment of functioning of members in the group process.


Group work, assignment, literature review, field work, survey.


Group work:
- end of semester : written document (group) 4/8 of final grade;
- end of semester : oral presentation (group) 2/8 of final grade;
- end of semester : oral presentation (individual) 2/8 of final grade.


Will be announced.

Verplicht voor: MOAOrganic AgricultureMScC: Double Degree Agroecology3WD