XIS-31807 Agroecological Cropping Practices


Studiepunten 7.00

Individual Paper1
Excursion (one day)8
Course coordinator(s)drs. CA Langeveld

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Assumed knowledge on:

The courses of the first year of MOA specialization

Continuation courses:

MSc thesis


This course is part of the Autumn semester 'Agroecology' at ISARA, Lyon, France.
This course will deal with different agroecological practices in cropping systems. As most of these practices are based on valorizing and optimizing ecosystem services, it will begin with an introduction to these services. Then, various lectures will deal more specifically on how ecosystem services regulate and support soil biota as well as on non-soil functional species groups including insects or plants. To deepen the knowledge gained in these lectures, a field visit and fieldwork will be carried out through soil quality assessments and the identification of beneficial soil, insect or plant biota. The field experience will be linked to different lectures about agroecological cropping practices such as intercropping, cover cropping, conservation agriculture (no tillage and permanent cover), sustainable crop rotations and biological pest control. Students will understand the role of agroecological cropping practices and learn about state of the art materials and agroecological innovations. This module is based on lectures, field visit and a seminar. For the seminar, students will conduct a literature study on topics related to the module and present their findings to colleagues and professors.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of the course the student is able to:
- understand agroecological practices in cropping systems that are based on valorisation and optimisation of ecosystem services;
- perform a literature study on the role of agroecological cropping practices and agroecological innovations and present findings in a seminar.


Lectures, fieldwork, literature study, seminar.


End of this module: written document (individual, 4/7) and oral presentation (individual, 3/7 of final grade).


Will be announced.

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