FNP-11806 Forest, Nature, Society


Studiepunten 6.00

Individual Paper1
Excursion (one day)28
Course coordinator(s)dr. KAJ Arts
Lecturer(s)dr. KAJ Arts
ir. JN van Laar
Examiner(s)dr. KAJ Arts

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This course offers an introduction to the interrelationships between forest, nature and society. On the one hand, forest and nature have multiple values and functions for society, while on the other hand society obviously has large impacts on forest and nature. Functions include ecosystem services, and societal impacts range from deforestation to nature conservation. The course offers a comprehensive framework to understand these interrelationships, taking several sectors of society (state, market and civil society), different actor groups (policy makers, NGOs, companies, citizens) and various nature values and functions (ecological, social and economic) as a starting point. Topics include: forest history in the Netherlands; international and Dutch forest and nature conservation policies and governance; the forestry sector; public participation; and different approaches in forest and nature management.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- discuss interrelations between forest, nature and society with respect to the different societal sectors (state, market and civil society);
- apply basic concepts and principles with respect to the interrelations between forest, nature and society empirically and theoretically;
- explain the coherence between the disciplines involved in forest and nature conservation;
- analyse relevant literature;
- write a paper that complies with academic standards.


- lectures;
- studying literature;
- individual paper;
- excursions;
- working groups.


- written exam (50%);
- individual paper (50%);
The minimum grade for each of the components is 5.5.


Literature will be provided through MyPortal.

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