ENP-37803 Sustainable Technology Development


Studiepunten 3.00

Independent study
Course coordinator(s)dr. ir. BJM van Vliet
Lecturer(s)dr. ir. CSA van Koppen
dr. ir. BJM van Vliet
dr. MAJ Lamers
dr. S Kloppenburg
Examiner(s)dr. ir. BJM van Vliet
dr. MAJ Lamers

Language of instruction:


Assumed knowledge on:

ENP-23806 Sustainability Transitions: Concepts, Issues and Indicators or a similar course.

Continuation courses:

ENP38303 Sustainable Technology Development: Design Assignment OR ENP38803 Sustainable Technology Development: Analysis Assignment.


Environmental problems often occur as problems that need technological solutions. The social sciences study these mostly technically defined problems and solutions in a societal context. This social scientific course deals with environmentally sound technology development in modern society. The main goal of the course is to get students acquainted with the social dimensions of planning, designing and managing sustainable technology and system innovation within different sectors of production and consumption in both developing and developed countries.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to demonstrate knowledge of:
- social science perspectives on technology and system innovation;
- relations between technology and society;
- methods of technology assessment, forecasting and back-casting;
- contemporary sustainable technology developments in the urban context.


- lectures;
- tutorials;
- reading and presenting summaries of the literature.


Written exam.


A selection of articles and book chapters will be made available through MyPortal.

Verplicht voor: BTOTourism (joint degree)BSc4MO
Keuze voor: MLPLandscape Architecture and PlanningMScA: Landscape Architecture4MO
MESEnvironmental SciencesMSc4MO
MUEUrban Environmental ManagementMSc4MO
MCLClimate StudiesMScE: Climate, Society and Economics4MO