Animal Sciences (BAS) / BSc

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Common Part

Before starting with the BSc-thesis students must have completed at least 102 credits of CS and RO courses including all 60 credits of the B1.
RO1: Choose MAT-14803 Mathematics 1 if you did Math A at VWO; choose MAT-15303 Statistics 1 if you did Math B at VWO.

YAS-10306Introduction Animal Sciences6.00CSB11AF
ORC-13803Bio-organic Chemistry for Life Sciences3.00CSB11MO
PCC-12803General Chemistry for the Life Sciences3.00CSB11MO
CBI-10306Cell Biology6.00CSB12AF
MAT-14903Mathematics 23.00CSB12MO
GEN-11806Fundamentals of Genetics and Molecular Biology6.00CSB13WD
YAS-10806Biology of Domestic Animals6.00CSB14WD
EZO-10306Human and Animal Biology I6.00CSB15AF
MAT-15403Statistics 23.00CSB15MO
YAS-11803Animal Science in Society3.00CSB15MO
MAT-15003Mathematics 33.00CSB16AF
BHE-20303Animal Behaviour3.00CSB16MO
ABG-20306Animal Breeding and Genetics6.00CSB21AF
HAP-20306Human and Animal Biology, part 26.00CSB21MO
ADP-20306Immunology and Thermoregulation6.00CSB22AF
QVE-20306Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics6.00CSB22MO
ANU-20306Principles of Animal Nutrition6.00CSB23WD
APS-20806Systems Approach in Animal Sciences6.00CSB24WD
REG-21306Introduction in Animal Ecology6.00CSB26WD
YAS-80312BSc Thesis Animal Sciences12.00CSB31+2,5+6
MAT-20306Advanced Statistics6.00CSB31MO, 1AF, 2AF, 2MO, 5MO, 6MO
YAS-20303Skills Development and Professional Outlook3.00CSB31MO, 5MO
MAT-14803Mathematics 13.00RO1B12MO
MAT-15303Statistics 13.00RO1B12MO

Major A - Animal Management and Care

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Limited choice:

RO1: Choose 1 course.
RO2: Choose 1 course.

AFI-20306Aquaculture and Fisheries6.00CSB25MO
ADP-22303Infections and Disorders3.00CSB26AF
ADP-21803Reproduction and Fertility3.00CSB26MO
BEC-21806Introduction to Business Economics, Management and Marketing6.00RO1B25AF
YAS-32806Quality of Animal Products6.00RO1B25AF
YAS-33406The role of Livestock in Future Food Systems6.00RO2B33WD
AFI-33306Sustainability in Fish and Seafood Production6.00RO2B34WD
YAS-32306Companion Animals6.00RO2B34WD

Major B - Biological Functioning of Animals

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BIC-10306Practical Biological Chemistry6.00CSB25AF
HMI-20306Microbiomes and Health6.00CSB25MO
HAP-21806Behavioural Endocrinology6.00CSB26WD
CBI-20306Cell Biology and Health6.00CSB33WD