Vakken per periode 6  (Bachelor)

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Vakken A
AFADP-22303Infections and Disorders
AFAEP-31806Economic Analysis of Coordination
WDAEW-20706Practical Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality
WDAEW-23306Introduction Marine and Estuarine Ecology
Vakken B
MOBCT-22306Sensor Technology
MOBHE-20303Animal Behaviour
WDBIC-10807Molecular Life Sciences
MOBIP-10803Physics for Life Sciences
WDBIS-10306Biodiversity of The Netherlands
WDBIS-21306Webs of Terrestrial Diversity
WDBPE-10305Process Engineering Basics
BPE-12301National Excursion Biotechnology
MOBPE-12806Bioprocess Engineering Basics BT
BPE-12806Bioprocess Engineering Basics BT
Vakken C
MOCPT-13306Methods for Effective Communication
AFCPT-13806Ethics, Health and Society
WDCPT-81812BSc Thesis Communication Sciences
WDCSA-10306Cropping Systems and Knowledge of Crops
Vakken D
MODEC-22306Macroeconomics & Policy
Vakken E
AFECH-11806Economics of Health and Care
AFECS-10301Presentation Skills
WDECS-10301Presentation Skills
MOENR-21806Environmental Economics in Practice
AFENT-20806Integrated Pest Management
WDESA-10309Environmental Sciences and Society
WDESA-22303International Study Visits Environmental Sciences
WDESA-81309BSc Thesis Environmental Quality and Systems Analysis Part 2
WDETE-25812Environmental Project Studies
WDEZO-20306Biology of Invertebrates and Lower Plants
WDEZO-22806Marine Life
Vakken F
WDFCH-22308Food Properties and Function
WDFEM-20909Forest and Nature Conservation II - Management Planning and Tools
WDFPE-10808Food Production Chains
AFFPH-10803Physical Chemistry for Food Scientists
WDFPH-10803Physical Chemistry for Food Scientists
WDFQD-20804Quality Systems Operations
AFFQD-23306Research Topics on Food and Society, a Gamma-Beta Approach
AFFTE-25806Research Methods Biosystems Engineering
WDFTE-26812Field Robot Design
Vakken G
WDGEN-30306Genetic Analysis, Tools and Concepts (GATC)
WDGRS-10806Geo-information Science for Planning and Design
Vakken H
WDHAP-21806Behavioural Endocrinology
HNE-23801Lectures and Excursion
AFHNE-26306Research Methodology for Nutrition and Health II
WDHWM-23306Field Practical Hydrology, Water Quality and Meteorology
Vakken I
MOINF-20806Applied Information Technology
Vakken L
WDLAR-12803Studio Design Basics
WDLAR-28306Studio Urban Design
WDLAR-28806Concepts and Approaches in Landscape Architecture
WDLAR-81812BSc Thesis Landscape Architecture
MOLUP-11803Studio Planning Basics
WDLUP-20306Planning and Research Methods
WDLUP-24306Planning Theory and Ethics
WDLUP-30806Studio Participative Planning
WDLUP-80812BSc Thesis Spatial Planning
Vakken M
AFMAT-15003Mathematics 3
MOMAT-15303Statistics 1
MOMAT-15403Statistics 2
MOMAT-20306Advanced Statistics
AFMIB-11306Microbiology and Biochemistry for Nutrition and Health
WDMOB-20306Gene Technology
Vakken N
MONCP-10503Ecology I
WDNCP-10806Forest and Nature Conservation I: Introductory Field Course
AFNCP-20503Ecology II
WDNCP-22303Ecology of Communities, Ecosystems and Landscapes: Field Excursions
WDNCP-30306Plant, Vegetation and Systems Ecology
WDNCP-80812BSc Thesis Forest and Nature Conservation
WDNEM-10806Orientation Plant Sciences
MONEM-20306Research Methodology in Plant Sciences
Vakken P
MOPAP-30306Designing Innovative Governance Arrangements
AFPCC-21802Introductory Thermodynamics
MOPCC-21802Introductory Thermodynamics
PCC-21802Introductory Thermodynamics
WDPPH-30806Plant Plasticity and Adaptation
Vakken R
MORSO-12806Eating, Customs and Health
MORSO-20806Agricultural and Rural Development: Sociological Perspectives
Vakken S
WDSDC-21306Methods, Techniques and Data Analysis for Field Research
WDSDC-22306Field Research Practical
WDSGL-10309Integration Course Soil, Water and Atmosphere
WDSGL-22306Geology, Soils and Landscapes of the Rhine-Meuse Delta
WDSGL-33306Geology and Landscapes of the World
SGL-80812BSc Thesis Soil, Water, Atmosphere
WDSLM-10806Design in Land and Water Management 1
Vakken W
WDWRM-21312Design in Land and Water Management 2
Vakken Y
YAS-80312BSc Thesis Animal Sciences
YBI-70324BSc Internship Biology
WDYBI-85812BSc Thesis Biology
YBT-80324BSc Thesis Biotechnology
YEI-70318BSc Internship International Land and Water Management
YEI-80324BSc Thesis Biosystems Engineering
YEI-80812BSc Thesis International Land and Water Management
YFS-10301Excursions and lectures Food Technology
YFS-80824BSc Thesis Food Science and Technology
YML-80321BSc Thesis MLS Part 2
YNH-80312BSc Thesis Nutrition and Health
YPS-82318BSc Thesis Plant Sciences
WDYRM-21306Research Methodology for Human Environment Interactions
MOYRM-21806Data Analysis for Health and Society
AFYSS-10906Analysis of a Problem Situation
WDYSS-21303European Exchange programme Management, Consumer Studies and Economics
WDYSS-82812BSc Thesis Sociology of Development
WDYSS-83312BSc Thesis Economics of Development
WDYSS-83812BSc Thesis Communication, Technology and Policy
WDYSS-84312BSc Thesis Health and Society